Fiskars X27 vs Truper Maul

For those who loves to handle some work around the house, having an axe is sure useful because we can use them to cut trees and make them into smaller pieces. Among those many options out there, Fiskars X27 vs Truper Maul can be a great option to go. If you are also eyeing these …

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Fiskars X15 vs X17

Choosing the right type of ax for your job is very important. Without the right ax, you will increase the risk of accident and most probably end up with underwhelming results. In this article, you can read the differences between Fiskars X15 vs X17, two axes with similar dimensions but different head designs. Which one …

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Fiskars X7 vs X11

Looking for a compact and portable ax for camping? Fiskars is one brand that you can trust for that. In this article, we have two splitting axes that are often chosen because of their compact and lightweight nature, Fiskars X7 and Fiskars X11. Which one is better? Read the comparison between Fiskars X7 vs X11 …

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