Dolphin Sigma Vs Nautilus CC Supreme

Dolphin has many high-end robotic pool vacuums like Dolphin Sigma Vs Nautilus CC Supreme. These pool vacuums are not only easy to use but have plenty of modern features not available in many other solutions. These vacuums share many similarities and convenience, with some minor differences. If you wonder which pool vacuum to buy, here is what you can expect from the cleaners.

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  • What are Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme
  • How are the Designs of Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme
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  • How Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme Work
  • What are the Features of Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme
  • How is the Performance of Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme
  • Dolphin Sigma Vs Nautilus CC Supreme

Pool Vacuum Cleaners

An extensive collection of water will gather impurities over time, and while it is normal, none of us want to swim in dirty water. Having a pool is fun, especially for people who live in places where the summer can be pretty hot. A pool can be fun for the whole family and friends to cool their bodies and have quality time. But, the fun is gone when the pool water is dirty. It is unattractive to see, but swimming in polluted water can cause skin and health issues.

You need to keep the water from getting cloudy and keep the fun by using a vacuum cleaner. This appliance is not the vacuum we use to clean the house but a dedicated pool vacuum that sucks and filters water. You can see it as a mini-filter that runs across the pool’s flooring, wall, and even waterline. Do you need a pool vacuum? Yes, a pool vacuum is convenient and effective at maintaining water quality and operates almost automatically.

Depending on the vacuum’s ability, we don’t need to scrub the walls manually, but entry-level variants are less capable, so you still have to take care of things. Even with good filtration, our pool can still garner debris that will require more chemical treatments. Chemical treatments are convenient, but they have to be at a safe level. Running a good filtration and a dedicated pool vacuum from time to time helps improve and maintain the water quality, so we don’t need to add extensive chemicals.

 Dolphin SigmaDolphin Nautilus CC Supreme
Product Dimensions23.15 x 19.92 x 13.86 inches
23 x 19.5 x 14 inches
Shipping Weight35 pounds
40.5 pounds
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About Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme

Pool vacuums are available in a few different types. But, they are either relying on the pool’s filtration system or its motor. Depending on which fits you best, our choice may vary. Suction-side pool vacuums are cheaper because they don’t have a motor and need your pump to suck water and filter the debris. The other type of pool vacuum uses a dedicated motor that requires a direct power supply to suck and filter dirty water. In general, the latter is more energy-efficient and easy to set up.

If you are interested in pool vacuums, the Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme are perfect options in the higher range. These are robotic vacuums and are costlier than typical suction-side vacuums, but running them is cheaper because they are more energy-efficient. These vacuums are some of the top models from Dolphin and are better than popular variants like Dolphin Escape Vs Nautilus CC. They have similar features and work with the same method, but Sigma is an incredible choice if you can spend the budget.

The Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme have the same core or motor, which is incredible at brushing and taking all the debris, tiny ones that many suction-side vacuums are less capable of. The price of Sigma can be a challenge because the motor is the same as Sigma and some other robots in Dolphin’s collection. But, Sigma also has additional features that can be a game-changer, especially for cleaning the waterline, which is often the dirtiest part of the pool.

The main difference between Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme is navigation because Sigma has a gyroscope that helps the software recognize the terrain. This feature promotes better navigation and cleaning efficacy. But, Sigma and CC Supreme’s filter is the same and not the best in Dolphin’s collection.

Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme Designs

These robotic pool vacuums are about the same in weight and form factor. Most Dolphin’s vacuums have similar styling, and the model that is wide and curvy, like Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme, usually has two filter arrangements. These vacuums also use the same filter design, whether the fine or ultra-fine option. They are hefty for a pool vacuum at 24 pounds which may not be an issue for some, but pulling them from water can be challenging.

These vacuums also have different brush arrangements. The Sigma has four brushes at the front and rear, but the Nautilus CC Supreme has six brushes; two are in the middle. The suction opening is about the same, and they should take small leaves or twigs without trouble. The vacuums also come with a power supply that houses the control panel. The power supply is different, but they have the same functions. In addition, you can also connect a smartphone or smart device to the vacuums.

Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme Setup

Because the Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme have independent motors, we don’t need to use the pool’s filter. Setting up these vacuums is straightforward and intuitive. They are separate from the pool’s system, so you need to use direct power. Connect the power supply to wall power and the vacuum pod to the power supply. Drop the pool vacuum in the water, press the cleaning button, pair the vacuum with your Wi-Fi, and command it through the smart app.

We don’t need to backwash the filter or adjust the pump setting. But, we recommend removing any floating items from the pool to avoid tangling the cable. These cleaners have an anti-tangle swivel on the cord, but it is wise to reduce the risk, especially if your pool is bigger and at the upper limit of the cord length. If you need to add the cord length, we can use it between the wall power and power supply while keeping the power supply closer to the pool.

Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme Technology

The working mechanism of Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme is the same as many other robot pool vacuums. These vacuums have three DC motors that drive the cleaning pod and create incredible suction. The motor generates a 4500 gph water suction rating to pull dirty water and solid debris into the filtration. The opening is small, and there are only two of them in each vacuum, but they should be enough to capture typical debris from your pool unless your pool is near a big tree.

We don’t think these vacuums are ideal for people who deal with leaves and big debris like acorns daily because, if so, you may have to monitor the vacuum often. The brushes on these vacuums are powered and spinning independently to brush the grimes and agitating embedded dirt to mix with water. We love the scrubbing power of these vacuums because they are effective for the best cleaning performance, including the waterline.

Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme Features

Moving to the features, we are happy to say that finally, pool vacuums have a Wi-Fi connection. This feature allows you to access the vacuum through a smart device like a smartphone or tablet. The feature on their power supply is minimal, but the full potential is here on the app. You can design the cleaning time and schedule from the app. The default cleaning cycle lasts 2.5 hours, but you can clean faster. The main difference is that Sigma is missing the delay feature.

The delay feature is not crucial but can be convenient. You can also drive the vacuum manually from the app. As a change, Sigma comes with a gyroscope mobility system. This feature lets Sigma recognize the terrain it is in both the orientation and tilt. It has a three-axis gyroscope to handle velocity around the axis of roll, pitch, and yaw. This feature increases the robot’s ability to move effectively across the flooring, wall, and while cleaning the waterline.

Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme Performance

The scrubbing and suction of Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme are very similar. Both robots are powerful and effective at agitating the dirt with a powerful brush and suction. They are also excellent at climbing even on straight walls. They can scrub the waterline, so you don’t have to do it manually. The only noticeable difference is that Sigma seems to move smarter across the flooring, steps, and walls, thanks to the better navigation system. But, the overall performance and filter options are the same.

Dolphin Sigma Vs Nautilus CC Supreme

Both Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme are good pool vacuums with powerful scrubbing and suction. These vacuums share many similarities, including cleaner pod design, filter, and motors. The main differences are Nautilus CC Supreme has more rolling brushes and has a Delay feature on the app. The capacity and filter type are the same. On the other hand, Sigma has gyroscope navigation that can precisely tell the software about the vacuum’s positions to design an effective cleaning process.

- Hassle-free clean. Easy-to-use, robotic pool cleaner equipped with an anti-tangling swivel cable, allowing Sigma to move freely around large residential pools up to 50 feet with ease. Backed by a 3 year quality assurance.
- No messy bags to clean. Massive top-loading cartridge filters captures and traps fine and ultra-fine debris for an optimal clean swimming pool.
- Powerful, dual scrubbing brushes thoroughly and efficiently attacks tough contaminants removing algae and bacteria from floor, walls and waterline for a deep clean in 2.5 hours.
- Just say when. Set Sigma’s weekly scheduler to automatically clean for you- daily, 2x per week, or 3x per week. Connect your Sigma to your smartphone using Bluetooth to spot clean when needed.
- Triple threat cleaning action. Equipped with powerful motors, three scrubbing brushes, and superior filtering capabilities, the easy to use Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme robotic vacuum cleaner pushes the limits of swimming pool cleaning. This next level robot masterfully cleans the floor, walls, and waterline for a stunningly clean pool.
- Interactive pool cleaning. This premium cleaner is WiFi connected so you can set advanced cleaning schedules, choose between cleaning cycles, delay start, and spot clean using the MyDolphin Plus App on your phone. Whether you’re in the backyard or at the office, make your pool perfect from anywhere, any time.
- From an impromptu pool party to the calm after a storm, the Nautilus CC Supreme has you covered. Choose between the quick clean, focusing on the floor only, the standard cleaning for floor, walls, and waterline, or the enhanced clean for extra scrubbing time.
- Plug and play for an uncompromised clean. Since this cleaner works independently from your pool’s system, you don’t have to worry about external factors such as low pressure or a damaged pump impacting the cleaning performance. With an average operating cost of 5 cents per hour, save energy with every pool cleaning.


The Dolphin Sigma and Nautilus CC Supreme are similar with some differences. We recommend the Nautilus CC Supreme because most things in Sigma are also here in this vacuum. This vacuum is cheaper and works very well at scrubbing and producing powerful suction, including plenty of convenient features from the app.


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