Fiskars X15 vs X17

Choosing the right type of ax for your job is very important. Without the right ax, you will increase the risk of accident and most probably end up with underwhelming results. In this article, you can read the differences between Fiskars X15 vs X17, two axes with similar dimensions but different head designs. Which one is right for you?

After reading this article, you will understand better about:
– The differences in the blades of Fiskars X15 and Fiskars X17
– The size and weight of each ax here
– The build quality and durability of Fiskars X15 vs X17
– The warranty that comes with each ax
– Which ax that is more suitable for your purpose

Blade Features
Fiskars X15 is a chopping ax. If you take a look at the head, you will notice that the head is pretty slim. This is quite a distinctive feature of a chopping ax. The slim nature of the blade allows for enhanced sharpness. The cutting path can be sharpened very well. See also: Fiskars X7 vs X11.

The blade design of Fiskars X15 is optimized to allow the ax to chop deeper with each swing. However, note that Fiskars X15 does not have a powdered coating on the blade. As the effect, it does not have increased resistance to wood, and is more prone to getting stuck if used for splitting.

Fiskars X17 is a splitting ax. It has a wedge-shaped head. The blade is sharp on the end, but it becomes thicker as it goes to the back. This is a special feature of a splitting ax; the thick design of the blade will make the wood split apart more easily.

Another special feature of Fiskars X17 is the powder coating on the blade. This coating is meant to increase the resistance of the blade against wood and to prevent the blade from getting stuck inside wood. So, you can be certain that the blade will be able to split wooden logs easily.

Size and Weight
In terms of size, Fiskars X15 vs X17 are pretty much similar. Each of them measures 24.5 inches from the top to bottom. Fiskars X15 has a slightly wider head and a longer cutting path than Fiskars X17. This once again emphasizes the difference in their blade designs.

In terms of weight, both axes here are generally light. Fiskars X15 is slightly lighter at 3.45 pounds, as the head is slimmer. Fiskars X17 is just a little bit heavier at 3.7 pounds due to having a thicker, fatter head.

Although these products are lightweight, you should not underestimate their power. Fiskars axes are known for their superb quality. These axes are intentionally made light by using lightweight yet durable materials for the handles. However, the weight of the ax is concentrated on the head to enhance the swing power. You will be impressed by the results that these axes deliver.

Both axes are extremely durable. The blades are made from hardened forged steel, which is almost impossible to break. The handlebars are from the FiberComp proprietary material, which is lightweight yet sturdier than steel. The blades are connected to their handles with the PermaHead technology, which is an over-molded design which effectively secures the blade in the handle.

Both axes also come with durable sheaths. The sheath has been improved from the older models. The current sheath is truly solid, able to last for a long time. The sheath is equipped with a practical lock mechanism which is easy to open and close.

Suitable Uses
Since Fiskars X15 vs X17 are different types of axes, they are more suitable for different applications. Consider what kinds of tasks that you expect to face before choosing your ax. Using a wrong ax for a given task will yield poor results and increase the risk of accident.

Fiskars X15 is suitable for cutting and chopping. You can use this ax for cutting a wooden log in a horizontal direction with fast repeated downward strokes. It is great for cutting cross-way through the fibers of the wood. Fiskars X15 is suitable for heavy-duty tasks, such as felling trees and breaking a medium log into smaller pieces.

Keep in mind that you should never use Fiskars X15 for splitting wooden logs. The head is rather slim, so it can get stuck in the wood when used for splitting. This ax is more for tasks where sharpness is needed.

Fiskars X17 is recommended for splitting wooden logs – by “splitting”, we mean cutting a wooden log that is put in a vertical direction with one downward stroke. It is great for cutting along the grain of the wood. Thanks to the fairly long handle, Fiskars X17 is ideal for splitting small to medium wooden logs. You may need a larger splitting ax for dealing with larger wooden logs.

The wide head of Fiskars X17 will make the wood split apart more easily, without getting stuck. It can also be used for some other purposes commonly handled by chopping axes, but it is not as sharp, so it is not really good for tasks where sharpness is needed. It will be difficult to use for felling trees due to the thick head.

When buying a product, don’t forget about the warranty. It is very important because it is your backup when you happen to receive a defective item. Fiskars certainly have excellent quality control, but defects may still happen.

Both Fiskars X15 and Fiskars X17 are backed by a lifetime warranty. This is awesome. The company claims that the blade and the handlebar will never break apart. The blade will never get separated from the handlebar.

However, keep in mind that you need to register your ax within thirty days after the purchase date in order to activate the warranty. Also, it won’t cover any damage that is caused by improper use or commercial/professional use. It also won’t cover your warranty claim if the ax has gone through unauthorized repair attempts.

Fiskars X15 vs X17

- Ideal for felling trees
- Chops deeper with each swing to get more done faster
- Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power, much like an aluminum baseball bat
- Designed for maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits
- Advanced bevel convex blade geometry adds power and makes the blade easier to remove from wood
- Lifetime warranty

These axes are designed for different purposes. Fiskars X15 should be your choice for felling trees and chopping logs and sticks. Meanwhile, Fiskars X17 is the way to go for splitting wooden logs.

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