Fiskars X27 vs Truper Maul

For those who loves to handle some work around the house, having an axe is sure useful because we can use them to cut trees and make them into smaller pieces. Among those many options out there, Fiskars X27 vs Truper Maul can be a great option to go. If you are also eyeing these models and are interested in purchasing a new axe, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you and pick the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using an Axe
– What are Fiskars X27 and Truper Maul
– What Fiskars X27 and Truper Maul Look Like
– How are the Head/Blade of Fiskars X27 and Truper Maul
– How are the Handle of Fiskars X27 and Truper Maul
– Fiskars X27 vs Truper Maul

Choosing Axe
For those who are living in a place where the fall and winter can get very cold, many of us are having a chimney to keep us warm enough when the weather is not very friendly out there. Some of us may also use a traditional stove that required woods to operate. If you are also one of us, chances are you will need a dependable tool to do the works and we can have several of them depend on what kind of application you are wishing to do.

Most houses are at least have one saw in their tools or equipment storage since this is one of the most versatile tool we can use to cut materials, mainly woods, precisely. Some of us are preferring the manual saw while those who need a more powerful tool to handle more works will be better picking a machine saw like Husqvarna 435 vs 240. Not only versatile, they are very helpful to fasten your working pace so we can finish faster.

Another important tool you may want to have is an axe which is great if you want to treat wood logs into smaller pieces that we can use to lit our fireplace or to cook with your traditional stove. It is indeed not the work of all people but if you are planning to start working this fall then, it is the perfect time to look for a dependable axe for your next winter. Depend on what you want them for, we may also need a different axe.

If you are still unfamiliar with axe in general and still confused about which to choose from the vast amount of options out there. To put it simply, axes are differentiated by two categories; to cut and to divide or to split the wood. The one we will use to cut the wood across grain is the one with the thinnest profile while for the other option will need a bigger profile to force the wood open easily and more powerfully.

If you are already making up your mind on choosing what kind of axe you will need, it is now the time to look for the unit and this is the hardest part. It is because there are so many options out there and each one of them is claiming to be the most suitable for you.

About Fiskars X27
If you never purchase an axe before you may want to start from a popular or well-known name first because they are the ones that most likely also offer a good quality products and among those many options out there, Fiskars can be a good option to go. Some of you may never heard their name before but this brand is actually already operating since a long time, about several decades ago. As for the origin, this brand is a product of Finland.

This brand do have a lot of Axe collections in their catalogue but the one that we are going to talk today is the popular X27 which seem to be hyped by so many people and reviewing the item with good experience and usability.

Fiskars X27 Design
From the outer look alone, Fiskars X27 appears like many other similar tools out there but due to the length of handle that measured around 36 inches, this one is more suitable for those with height from 5’9” and above. It has a heavy head with wedged shape and flat surface at the other hand just in case you want to hammer something. Its head is made of steel while the handle is made of fiber and comes with mainly in black color combined with some yellow at the low parts.

Fiskars X27 Head
When looking something that include metal in the unit, one thing that we have to check is the material and to make sure we are going to be able to handle any logs we need to split, Fiskars X27 is made with high-quality steel head combined with a proper weight to force through. This part is important since a heavier steel is required to add some force into your swing and let the job done in one or two movement because if it is light, the head will get stuck more often.

Like many other axe, this model is also designed to have a wider back head which is native in a tool used to split logs because we need the thickness to give a gap between parts and separate them more effectively. This wedge shape will also help you spend less energy when trying to split logs. When tested, this axe is working great to support our work with the help of the anti-friction layer that prevents them getting stuck in the firewood.

Fiskars X27 Handle
Another important part of an axe is the handle because we need this part to actually perform something with the tool and what’s impressive from Fiskars X27 is they are using a light handle made from fiber composite. In this model, the handle is about 36-inch long so they are very versatile to be used by either men or women without being too short or long that may hinder your activity. With a light handle, all force is placed towards the head so we can swing with less effort but more power.

Another good feature they have put in this model is the cover of their handle which also covered with a non-slip grip to promote a better fitting in your hand. As many of us already familiar, one annoying thing when using an axe is hand slip which may cause by either sweat on our palms or a slippery surface and thanks to this cover, we can use the axe safer as well as more comfortably.

About Truper Maul
Due to the huge options available, we will need to consider several items out there, so we can get the one that provide the best benefit for anything we want to do. If you are looking for a dependable axe, another good model to pick is from Truper with their Maul collection. Truper Maul is also one of the most popular in the market due to the good quality and ability to do the job quickly with less hassle and energy to spend.

Truper Maul Design
The one we pick in this article is the 12-pound splitting maul as you can see from the sample picture above and unlike some other similar axe, this one somehow appear bulkier. It has a quite heavy head combined with an average handle measured about 27-inch so it is also good for those who are not very tall and want to split a medium sized logs. The item is in bright red color with a chunky and heavy head made from metal with some cover on the handle.

Truper Maul Head
Just like with X27 from Fiskars, the one we need to check in Truper Maul is the head and as it has been mentioned above, this model is featured with 12-pound head or blade which means power. This head is very heavy and this also mean we can see result when bring down those metal to anything such as when you want to split a logs into a smaller firewood. As you may already know, heavier head will add more force into the blade as well.

This may ask more effort than those lighter blade out there, but in our opinion, if you want to split a larger logs quickly, a bigger and heavier head like this one is more powerful and effective; the hardened steel is also dependable and can last very long.

Truper Maul Handle
With the heavy head, we will also need a dependable and stronger handle and since Truper Maul has a heavier head, we need a steel handle to carry the whole tool. This model has a 27-inch steel handle with a cover on the bottom to promote more comfortable grip. The shorter length is also great to make sure we are not worn us out quickly since longer handle will need more energy to lift. To promote longevity, the thickness is also added around 3 inches below the head to eliminate vibration.

Now, let’s compare Fiskars X27 with Truper Maul. The difference between these two axes are on the build itself because as you can see, X27 is smaller and lighter in general so they require less energy and suitable for small to medium logs but the chunkier Maul from Truper is powerful enough to deal with larger logs and due to the big and heavy weight, it has more power as well with shorter handle to make sure we exert less energy.

Fiskars X27 vs Truper Maul

- Ideal for taller users splitting medium- to large-sized logs
- Designed for maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits. Textured non-slip grip reduces hand strain and improves control
- Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power, much like an aluminum baseball bat
- Truper Sa De Cv
- Total Weight 15 LB
-30" Steel Handle

All in all, both of them are a useful tools to have in your equipment storage but depend on your preference, we will also need to pick the one suit us the most. If you are dealing with bigger logs, the one from Truper will have more power but if you are dealing with small to medium sized logs, Fiskars X27 is enough to do the job while the lightweight also won’t ask much from our body.

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