Fiskars X7 vs X11

Looking for a compact and portable ax for camping? Fiskars is one brand that you can trust for that. In this article, we have two splitting axes that are often chosen because of their compact and lightweight nature, Fiskars X7 and Fiskars X11. Which one is better? Read the comparison between Fiskars X7 vs X11 below to find out!

After reading this article, you will understand better about:
– How long each ax measures and how much they weigh
– The build quality and durability of these axes
– Other additional features of Fiskars X7 and Fiskars X11
– The performance comparison of Fiskars X7 vs X11
– Which splitting ax model that is generally better

Size and Weight
Of course, the very first difference between these two models is their dimensions. Both Fiskars X7 and Fiskars X11 are generally considered compact and lightweight. But if you want the smallest and lightest tool available, Fiskars X7 should be your choice. See also: Fiskars X25 vs X27.

Fiskars X7 is really small and light. It measures 14 inches long, and it has a cutting surface that measures about 2.5 inches wide. With this small size, you can easily put the hatchet in your gear bag or in the trunk of your car.

The weight is only 1.65 pounds. Most of the weight is located in the head; in fact, the head weight alone is about 1.28 pounds. Meanwhile, the handle is really light with a hollow center. For sure, this hatchet won’t weigh down your bag, and you can carry it easily without a problem.

Fiskars X11 is slightly bigger and heavier. It measures 17 inches long. The head measures 3.25 inches wide and 7.25 inches long. Depending on the size of your bag, this ax may be more difficult to store inside, but you can still put it easily in your car’s trunk.

As expected from the larger size, Fiskars X11 is a little bit heavier than Fiskars X7. It has a total weight of about 2.18 pounds. Still, this should be lightweight enough for most people to allow easy portability and handling. You can easily handle the ax with a single hand.

Build Quality
In terms of build quality, both Fiskars X7 vs X11 axes are truly good. The company is known for producing high-quality tools, and these models are not exceptions. Both axes are made from similar materials and are very tough and durable.

The blade of each ax here is made of hardened forged steel. According to the company, the material allows the blade to remain sharp and reliable for a much longer time than traditional axes. This is most likely true; a lot of users have praised Fiskars X7 and Fiskars X11 for their exceptional durability and reliability. These axes can withstand heavy-duty tasks quite well.

The handle of each ax here is made from the shock-absorbing FiberComp material. Thanks to this material, the handle can be really light yet incredibly strong. Both models have hollow handles. The hollow design enables the ax to remove some pounds from its body weight. But you don’t need to worry; the handle is really tough, even with a hollow body.

The connection between the head and the handle seems to be good. It doesn’t feel wobbly at all. The head is properly and securely installed on the top of the handle. According to the company, each ax is made with an inseparable insert-molded head. There is virtually zero risk of the head getting loose. Even when swinging hard and fast, the head still feels secure.

Other Features
The other features of Fiskars X7 vs X11 axes are also similar. Besides the FiberComb material, the handle of each ax also has a yellow portion with a non-slip surface. This is to ensure that the ax will not accidentally escape from your grip. The non-slip surface is grippy enough to maintain optimum traction.

At the end of the handle, there is a vibration-absorbing chamber. This feature is specially designed to absorb and attenuate vibrations coming from the head. As the effect, the ax will always remain solid and comfortable to use, even during a heavy-duty job.

Also at the end of the handle, you can see a small lanyard hole. This is quite handy if you want to attach other small tools on the ax, but most people just use the hole to hang the ax on the wall.

Both Fiskars X7 and Fiskars X11 come with the Easy-Open Locks. Unlike the older models, the new head lock is much more durable, and it can last for a very long time. The lock is really solid and secure. You can switch it on or off simply by twisting the orange knob.

Fiskars X7 is definitely a very useful tool for camping, but the number of things that you can do with this hatchet is limited. It is definitely very effective and convenient for chopping small logs, sticks, and kindling. It is easy to handle and very efficient. In the test, Fiskars X7 doesn’t have any problem in splitting small logs of softwoods and hardwoods. However, it is too small for medium-sized or large-sized logs.

Fiskars X11 can be slightly more powerful, as the head is heavier. It will deliver a bigger force when swung. It is good for splitting a small or medium log in a single strike. However, Fiskars X11 is still too small for dealing with large logs. For such tasks, you need a full-size splitting ax.

Lastly, when buying any product, you should check the warranty policy. You need to make sure that the company is not selling a cheap, low-quality product at a high price. One good factor to determine the company’s confidence

Both Fiskars X7 and Fiskars X11 are backed by a lifetime warranty. This is easily the best. You can’t ask for anything better than that. The company guarantees that the blade and the handle will never break. This shows that Fiskars is truly confident with the durability of these axes!

Fiskars X7 vs X11

- Ideal for chopping kindling and small- to medium-sized logs
- Chops deeper with each swing to get more done faster
- Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power, much like an aluminum baseball bat
- Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power, much like an aluminum baseball bat
- Included sheath helps protect blade and the user
- Lifetime warranty

Choosing between the two depends on the kinds of tasks that you are going to perform. Fiskars X11 is generally more recommended because it can split small and medium logs easily. It can also take care of small sticks and kindling. This ax has excellent build quality and durability, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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