GE gfc520v vs gfc525v

To ease our jobs when cleaning up the mess after making foods and serving them, we will need a dependable garbage disposal. This machine is very useful to help users disposing any biodegradable waste easily and among those many options out there, GE GFC520V vs GFC525V can be a great options to go with their fast motor. If you are also taking an interest in these models, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you and which item will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Garbage Disposal
– What are GE GFC520V and GFC525V
– What GE GFC520V and GFC525V Look Like
– What GE GFC520V and GFC525V can offer to you
– What are the Feeding Type of GE GFC520V and GFC525V
– What Material Used to Make GE GFC520V and GFC525V
– What Installation Used to Mount GE GFC520V and GFC525V
– GE GFC520V vs GFC525V

Garbage Disposal
Kitchen is one of the most important place in our house because here is where the family member creating food for all the people living in the house and who doesn’t love food anyway. While we can have our own preference when it comes to cooking and the food we are making, all of us still need to treat the kitchen properly and keep them clean since making food on a dirty place will be not so healthful for anyone who are going to eat the food later.

Depend on how often we cook at home rather than purchasing a take out from a restaurant, the intensity of our cleaning routine is also different because the more we cook at home, the more mess and waste we have to take care. We can actually keep them clean by throwing the garbage everyday or every other day to make sure there won’t be any unpleasant smell lingering in our kitchen. But, if you don’t want to keep the garbage away often, we can use a garbage disposal machine as well.

Just like what you may already know, a garbage disposal is a machine that we can use to deal with the garbage from our kitchen whether it is from preparing food or from the waste after they are done eaten. This machine will help pulverizing or destroying your waste into a smaller parts and then flushed with water to your piping system so they won’t get stuck and clogging your waste pipe. Depend on their power and built-in features each garbage disposal may have a different level of capabilities.

Garbage disposal is looking like a big blender in a tube shape but they are not actually working like a blender. This is because there is no sharp blade in the machine yet there is an impeller mounted at a moving plate while their wall is equipped with a shredder. When the machine is activated, the plate will move along with the waste and shred them into smaller pieces then flushed down into the waste pipe.

Since each garbage disposal may have a different capabilities, it is good to look around first before making up your mind and purchasing one of them to make sure they are already fulfilling what you want from the unit.

About GE GFC520V and GFC525V
Among those many options in the market, General Electric may have a garbage disposal you want since they are a big company with a huge collection to pick and has been around for quite some time offering many good, dependable products for their customers. Just like many other manufacturers out there, this brand is also featuring a different power into their garbage disposal to match with the user’s need and if you are living alone or only with a few family member, GE GFC520V and GFC525V can be a good option.

This is because both of these models are coming with enough horsepower for small family and available in a very affordable price point so we don’t have to dig in too deep into our pocket just to have a dependable garbage disposal. However, while these models are named differently, somehow all of their capabilities are the same, making people who want to purchase the unit confused about which to choose.

GE GFC520V and GFC525V Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, these garbage disposal are very similar to each other if not identical so it is not surprising if many of us are wondering whether they are coming with the same capabilities or not. However, to ease the user when deciding which item to pick, they print the model number in sticker in front of the unit. GE GFC520V and GFC525V are fairly long measured at 5.19 inches deep, 5.5 inches wide and 12.69 inches high.

The body material seem to be regular steel while some of the internal parts are galvanized steel and stainless steel to make sure they can last longer. For the installation, there is no power cord included in both models and we have to purchase them separately depend on how you want to install them later.

GE GFC520V and GFC525V Features
Now, let’s go to the feature side and we are going to talk about the power first because this is one of the most important part that will affect how the disposal will be able to help you in the kitchen. As it has been mentioned above, both of GE GFC520V and GFC525V are suitable for anyone who are looking for a disposal with enough power to handle a small family and they are coming with ½ horsepower which should be enough for up to 4 people.

This power rating is often used or ideal for apartments, condominiums, and small homes with their light use. While they are indeed stronger than disposal with 1/3 HP motors, we still have to treat them gently to make sure they can last longer and avoid any jams. The motor in both models are claimed to be able to provide over 2800 rotations per minute which is good to help users grind those waste quickly and finely to make sure they won’t clog your pipe.

The next thing we love from GE GFC520V and GFC525V is their special feature called Drain Boost System that is exclusive and only available in their garbage disposal so we won’t find them anywhere else. This feature is very useful to help reducing the chance of waste getting stuck in your pipe because it promote a more forceful water flow to make sure the waste that have been grounded will be flushed effectively to your home’s plumbing.

These garbage disposals are also coming with a turntable with a large capacity which is featured with its own direct power connection and are exclusive to General Equipment products. Both items are claimed to have 27 ounce grinding room capacity so we can stuff more waste inside and work them at once to save more time and hassle. Read also: Insinkerator Evolution Supreme vs Excel here.

GE GFC520V and GFC525V Type
We almost forget to mention that GE GFC520V and GFC525V are a continuous feeding type of garbage disposal so we can work with them faster rather than using a batch feed. Being a continuous feed means these models are capable of grinding the waste we put on the grinding chamber continuously thus, we can add more and more waste as the machine is working below. What we have to keep in mind with this type of garbage disposal is make sure there is no non biodegradable materials falling inside.

GE GFC520V and GFC525V Material
Another thing we have to consider when looking for a garbage disposal is the material because as the user, we want them to last as long as possible and being an affordable item often makes the manufacturer scarify this side to reduce the cost. Thankfully, these models are still made using a standard material we often see on garbage disposal in the price range because the aforementioned turntable is made from stainless steel while the grinding blade is made from galvanized steel.

This combination is indeed not the best in the market and can get worn out along the time we used them but with how affordable they comes, galvanized steel can last pretty long time, mostly around 5 years as long as we don’t put any metal or similar things because they can harm the material inside and shorten your product’s life.

GE GFC520V and GFC525V Installation
The last thing we may want to consider when looking for a garbage disposer is their installation because if you are planning to mount them yourself, this is important to make sure we can do them easily and in this part, both of GE GFC520V and GFC525V are still the same using EZ Mount installation system. With this system, we don’t have to spend much time to mount or change our older disposal system and to be more convenient, there are rubber stopper and splash guard included on the package.

Now, let’s compare GE GFC520V with GFC525V. As you may can already guess, there is no difference between these two models since all of their capabilities are the same which is quite confusing since they are named with different model. Overall, both of GE GFC520V and GFC525V are featured with the same capabilities, power rating, material and the same installation system.

GE gfc520v vs gfc525v

- Heavy duty 1/2 horsepower permanent magnet motor
- Over 2800 RPM grinding action (based on RPM testing of cleared GE and competitive models)
- Large capacity with galvanized steel turntable, direct wire power connection
- EZ Mount installation with removable splash guard and stopper included
- Heavy duty 1/2 horsepower permanent magnet motor, with over 2800 RPM grinding action (based on RPM testing of cleared GE and competitive models)
- EZ Mount installation with removable splash guard and stopper included
- Large capacity with galvanized steel turntable
- DrainBoost technology

All in all, the decision is all yours since both of these garbage disposals are actually the same, so no matter which unit you pick, they should deliver the same performance. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick GE GFC520V since this model is slightly more affordable than the other GFC525V.

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