Generac IQ2000 vs Yamaha EF2000is

If you have preferences pointed down to Generac iQ2000 and Yamaha EF2000is, you’ve already been on the correct path. If you really want to dig the information of which one of them can be your best possible choice, please stay tuned.

Before actually talking more detailed about them, let’s take a quick look. Generac iQ2000 indeed has an eye-catching design. With its bright color, this generator is easily identified. The combination of yellow and black does look unusual, but it definitely brings fresh air. Meanwhile, Yamaha stays with the organic, classical-look of navy blue. The Yamaha logo can be seen attached to its left side.

Price is always a key to so many things. Picking a generator that is most suitable for your wallet is definitely important. You don’t want to miss thousands of dollars on a bad product. While most generators are approaching the affordable market, these two are not. At 800 dollars range, it’s hard to say that these generators are affordable. But remember, the higher price is always accommodated with higher specifications.

Most people would like to have a less-noisy generator, and fortunately both iQ Robot and Ion Robot can fulfill this demand. Both of them are really quiet in performance, reaching below 55dB at all times.

Size can be a deciding factor. On this one, Yamaha clearly wins with its lightweight and smaller overall size. Working with such a small size, Yamaha’s generator doesn’t meet any limitations. In fact, it works wonderfully for 10.5 hours long with only a quarter load, while iQ2000 can only last for 7 hours.

 Generac IQ2000Yamaha EF2000is
Product Dimensions20 x 12.6 x 16.9 inches19.3 x 11 x 17.9 inches
Shipping Weight46.2 pounds44.1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Smart tube feature, which works to automatically adjust the fuel flow is present in both generators. With this function available, the fuel efficiency can be enhanced greatly. Parallel connection has become a thing now, and fortunately, they also have it.

Now, it’s time for us to take a closer look at the iQ2000 Robot and Yamaha’s EF2000iS.

Generac IQ2000

Considered as one of the best Generac budget generators, Generac IQ2000 can fill the demands of homeowners, tradesperson, and vacationers all at the same time. It offers as massive 1600 W of power which can easily be used for powering up essential kitchen appliances like freezers and tools.

When you’re buying the Generac iQ2000, you get yourself the 79CC OHV engine at your disposal. Engineered with unique splash lubrication system, the generator has a very long engine life. Via its protection, all engine components can be quickly and efficiently protected during the start and running process. Read also: Generac GP2200I Vs IQ2000.

The fuel tank is made out of steel that is able to hold about 1.06 gallons of gasoline. The tank is nicely protected with the fuel cap, and the starting operation has been made easier by using the built-in gauge technology. Running this generator would be easy as a breeze.

With a full tank, the generator can run about 5.7 hours while working at 50% load capacity. It’s just enough for powering some appliances in the house overnight. It’s a great feature to have, especially if you’re planning on camping or doing other outdoor activities.

It has a great fuel management so that you won’t have to get up from your sleep just to fill the fuel tank. Set the machine in the evening and you’re basically good to go. When fully prepared, this generator will work tirelessly and continuously.

Generac iQ2000 will bring you a peace of mind with its useful features. It has the hours meter, which measures running hours, and can give you an alert about maintenance needed. This means that you can always take care of your generator in order to perfected it and prolong its useful life. You’ll never forget to service it ever again.

Low-oil shutdown feature is also presented. What this does is automatically turn off the machine when the oil level drops below recommended point in order to protect from damages. The outer case of iQ2000 is basically already a protector from various knocks and bumps. No additional accessories are needed for this purpose.

For the outdoor uses, iQ 2000 works in a wonderful way. It can last for hours, and really tough against different punishing weather conditions. You have yourself a portable generator that can serve many purposes in different scenarios.

Yamaha EF2000is

Yamaha is indeed the brain of many great inventions, EF2000iS is one of them. This exceptional inverter generator would work in a wonderful way to help everyone who’s in a dire need of electricity during an emergency situation. Since it’s an inverter generator, it not only supports big appliances, but also the small ones including microwave ovens, or even a TV. This machine will definitely make your life easier, no matter where you are or what you need.

You can consider this generator to be a quiet one. Working at maximum with 58DB of noises is incredible. Not many generators could achieve that number, especially for an inverter. The noise that comes out is blocked by its body design that includes molded casing and noise-absorbing glass wool.

The power rating is 1600W output and 2000W of maximum output. While running, the noise it’s created is not really disturbing. In fact, you can still have a clear conversation near it. It really stands for today’s standards that require more quiet generators.

This generator has the technology that creates pure sine-wave voltage, which means that you can charge your smaller important devices like phones and laptops. The clean energy created won’t be harmful for your electronic devices, preventing them from getting any possible damages. It’s worth every price compared to the cheaper power generator that can give a fairly high risk of circuit break.

Smart features it has will make your life easier than before. Smart Throttle Switch can automatically change the machine speed so it can run efficiently at all times. It will adjust itself when the fuel is going low.

Electrical Overload Breaker feature protects the internal circuits in case there’s a power overload. There’s also the oil warning system that will automatically shut off the generator when the amount of oil is low. You can’t force it to work unless you fill the oil.

Generac IQ2000 vs Yamaha EF2000is

- AC Rated Output(Running/Starting): 1600/2000 Watts; AC Rated Voltage: 120V
- PowerDial integrates start/run/stop functions into 1 easy-to-use dial
- PowerBar monitors and displays wattage used; Electronic Fuel Gauge displays remaining fuel; Runtime Display show how much time is left before refueling
- Fuel Capacity: 1.06 Gallons; Runtime (50% - 25% Load): 5.7 - 7.7 hrs; Full Load Fuel Consumption (gallons/hour): 2.85; Displacement: 80 cc; Oil Type: SAE 10W-30
- 1600 watt rated AC output, 2000 watt maximum AC output, 13.3/16.7 amps @ 120V
- Super-quiet muffler with USFS-approved spark arrestor - 51.5 dBA at 1/4 load
- Smart Throttle varies engine speed based on load - improves fuel economy and reduces noise
- Inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control


Every product has their own plus and minus. From what we’ve seen, in the battle between the Generac iQ2000 and Yamaha EF2000iS, the winner is the second one. Yamaha’s generator appears to be slightly batter and valuable in terms of running time, and the noise level. Other than those, all stays in the similar way.

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