Honda EB2200i vs EU2200i

 Compact generators are very convenient because you can use them almost everywhere both in the house for emergency supply or to be a reliable power source when you are in a worksite or while camping. Honda EB2200i Vs EU2200i are two great options for the applications and while they are not powerful enough for a whole house, they are very reliable for other small appliances. Before deciding to choose one, see below about what they can offer and which of them will be the best option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • Which Generator to Purchase
  • What are Honda EB2200i and EU2200i
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  • What else Honda EB2200i and EU2200i can offer
  • Honda EB2200i Vs EU2200i

Generator and Convenience

Electricity not only makes our night brighter and ease you to see in the dark but as humans are inventing more and more tools to make their lives convenient, there are tons of appliances that are relying on electricity to work. It is almost like a basic necessity to have them running in your house and without them, many will find it hard to rest at night, relax during the day, or even work and survive. Despite its crucial role, there are times when you can’t rely on the utility company to supply them.

Almost everyone ever experiences power outages or in a place where electricity supply is non-existent or just not reliable and if you will be in such a situation as well, it is best to have something in hand to get the supply we need. Generator is an amazing purchase if your house often has power outages such as during storms or for other issues and often goes to camp outside where power source is not always available. With a generator we are able to create the supply and enjoy some available amenities.

While generators are not going to run on its own as it needs fuel, at least the fuel is easier to access in such situations compared to constant running electricity. Most generators are using gasoline and it is easy to get almost everywhere including when you go on a trip which is why having at least one in your RV will be so helpful. The only drawback is you will have to carry an extra weight since some may require a bigger unit or carry two to increase the output.

 Honda EB2200iHonda EU2200i
Product Dimensions21 x 20 x 12 inches
16 x 20 x 11 inches
Shipping Weight51.5 pounds
40 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Choosing for a Generator

The most important role when buying a generator is their capacity because they are made to create the power supply and the capacity itself is highly related to the size of the generator. For stationary purposes size may not matter as we only need space and don’t have to worry about transporting them often but for us who travel a lot or plan to use them in the RV, size does matter. What we need to compromise is the amount of supply and balancing both capacity and size is the best.

Before buying a generator, we can decide what fuel they will be using but most of us are going with gasoline for best convenience and for capacity, we can count them first based on what you will need to use. Listing all appliances we will be powering with the generator and counting their power consumption as well as starting power will give you a number that can be used for a guide but it is best to put a safety margin as well just to make sure they will run smoothly.

About Honda EB2200i and EU2200i

The option is all yours as there are tons of good models out there both from giant companies to those names we rarely heard outside the country but just like everything, price does matter when it comes to product’s quality and service. Personally we always try to shop based on the budget and not really trying to push it forward but do put more time into considering the options itself. If you want the best bet however, popular names are usually more reliable.

Talking about generators with great quality you will hear various names being mentioned and we are sure among them Honda is a giant that we can’t ignore. This company is a very popular brand and is probably also the one we most often see used in commercial establishments like food stalls and similar businesses but it is all because you can rely on them especially on how they built the units and their lasting abilities to last for a long time.

We do like their products and if you are here then the type of generator you need is the compact model with enough capacity to use in a non-stationary kind of application which is why Honda EB2200i and EU2200i will be two amazing options to consider. Both of them are most ideal if you are only going to need a supply for several appliances or anything that is not going to require constant power of 2200 watts which is what they can offer.

Since they can give the same amount of supply we do think you will be able to get the same performance or experience with any of these models. They are however, slightly different but the difference is not going to affect the supply itself hence Honda EB2200i and EU2200i are two very equal options. For general application the latter is what most of us are going with but the former may be optimized in a professional environment.

Honda EB2200i and EU2200i Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, both of them are two identical generators and even in a glance you can notice that they are just another version of each other. From the built quality, material, and color choice they are very much the same but you can notice the “industrial” label on the former which tells a lot about who this unit is made for. Side by side they are also measured the same at 20-inch long, 11.4-inch wide, and 16.7-inch tall.

What we love the most from the external quality is the built of Honda generators because they are always robust and there is no flimsy plastic here as everything sticks perfectly to the components. The wide and thick handle on top ease them when being carried around. What’s slightly different from these two is on their port panels itself because the former is made for industrial purpose hence it is also designed to meet safety.

Honda EB2200i and EU2200i Supply

Shopping for generators can be very simple actually as all models usually comes with the starting power of each unit and for both Honda EB2200i and EU2200i these two will create maximum of 2200 watts or power for starting your appliance but, the constant running power itself is only 2000 watts which is why it is impossible to use 2100 or 2200 watts appliance despite they are capable of making the current as it won’t run constantly and those appliances must need much higher supply as well to start.

Both of them also use the same GXR120 engine which is 121cc and they are equally capable of creating the maximum of 2200 for quite a time compared to many other similar generators in the same capacity that will affect the reliability as well. They are inverter engines and besides made to be compact, they are safer as well as quieter, making them ideal for use in all types of environments. Read also: Honda EU2000i Vs Yamaha EF2000is.

Honda EB2200i and EU2200i Performance 

Moving further let’s see how both of them work in real application since we want reliable generators that can be used in our activity. In comparison they are able to give the same amount of power and you can supply the same amount of electricity or using the same appliances as well as long as they don’t exceed 2000 watts. For bigger units like air conditioners, do check their requirements first since they will need a higher starting supply too.

Many people can run their AC from 800 to 1100 btu with these generators but above the top we do think they are not going to generate enough power yet. For the higher wattage it is recommended to start it first then change to eco mode or plug the smaller ones after it runs and for the 1100 you may not be able to plug another appliance as they seem to struggle a bit just for the AC.

Honda EB2200i and EU2200i Features

The last part we want to mention is their features and this is what sets Honda EB2200i and EU2200i apart the most. First the EB series is an industrial generator which comes with additional GFCI protection for the 120V outlets to meet OSHA safety requirements when used in worksite and this is not available in EU series. Second, the EU series do have DC12V charging circuit and receptacle for automotive-type battery charging, while also compatible with other similar generators for parallel usage.

Honda EB2200i vs EU2200i

Both of these generators are very much similar to each other in terms of performance but they are different on the features part as the industrial EF series will have safety features since it is optimized for professional use in worksite and have to meet OSHA while the EU series is for general use but it is richer in features that we will be using both at home or while on a trip such as the ability to run it in parallel with other similar generators from Honda.

- Part of Honda Power Equipment's Super Quiet Series of generators, the new EB2200i lineup is the perfect portable generator for work, home or play
- A bigger oil filler opening, a longer spout and larger oil drain gutter make for easier and cleaner oil changes
- The Honda EB2200i generator is powered by the Honda GXR120 Commercial Series engine. The 121cc engine delivers exceptionally quiet, smooth, fuel-efficient performance.
- An increase in the ventilation area of 2.31 square inches compared with the outgoing model reduces cabinet air intake resistance, resulting in improved inverter cooling
- This popular model can operate a wide variety of appliances, making it perfect for portable use at home, camping, on the job site, or much more. Reliable Power is now at your fingertips with Honda's Inverted Generators.
- So quiet, your neighbors will thank you. The EU2200i operates at 48 to 57 dBA, which is less noise than a normal conversation. This makes it ideal for camping, supplemental RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation.
- Add a second EU2200i for additional power. Two identical models can be paralleled with an optional cable or cord for up to 4400 watts of power, or time-consuming applications.
- Thanks to our exclusive Eco-Throttle System, the EU2200i offers great fuel efficiency. Runs 4.0 to 9.6 hours on a single tank, depending on the load. This makes it the ideal choice for overnight power, or long-time applications.


We should pick the one that meets our needs and between the two, unless you are a professional and mostly using the generator for worksite related jobs, we do think the EU2200i is the best choice as it has some useful ports and features we will need.


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