Husqvarna LC121P vs 7021P

Husqvarna LC121P and Husqvarna 7021P are two great gas powered lawn mower options for those homeowners with small to medium yard and want to keep their lawn healthy and neat. Both mowers came with their own specialty depend on what feature you need them the most. If you are currently looking for a dependable lawn mower, you may want to check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Husqvarna LC121P and Husqvarna 7021P
– How Husqvarna LC121P and Husqvarna 7021P Look Like
– What Husqvarna LC121P and Husqvarna 7021P can offer to you
– Husqvarna LC121P vs Husqvarna 7021P

About Husqvarna LC121P
Husqvarna LC121P is a gas powered manual or push lawn mower that you can use to cut and trim the grass in your lawn, so it will look better and neater. This machine is perfect for small to medium sizes yards and not a heavy duty machine that you can takes to river banks and clean the wild grass there. Coming from Husqvarna, this push land mower is known for its great performance on the yard.

Husqvarna LC121P Design
From the outside, Husqvarna LC121P looks just like any other lawn mower you already owned. The unit came in a bright orange base with the motor placed on top of it and the handle is foldable, so you can store it easily without taking so much space. The hand is also offer comfort grip to allow you get that premium control. The bag is also easily removed with the straight bag through handle feature.

Husqvarna LC121P Features
The highlighted feature in Husqvarna LC121P is the 9 position height adjustment to allow you a wide range of cutting heights. You can easily makes change when operating the machine to cut grass that infiltrated with weeds and tough overgrowth. To provide you that clean and powerful cutting, the machine comes with 163 cc engine with a gas tank big enough to power the mower for around 45 to 50 minutes.

As for the safety, Husqvarna LC121P has control bar to start and stop the engine for safer operation. Another safety feature is the additional rear deflector that was attached between the rear wheels to avoid things being thrown out to the mower when operating the mower.

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About Husqvarna 7021P
Husqvarna 7021P is also a gas powered, manual or push lawn mower from the same name company. This lawn mower is a great option for any homeowner with a yard to keep their lawn beautiful, clean and neat as well as healthy. If you have small to medium or moderate sized yard, one lawn mower like Husqvarna 7021P should be enough for a years to come but it will needs proper maintenance just like any other machines.

Husqvarna 7021P Design
Looking the Husqvarna 7021P from the outside, it looks exactly like its brother in our article above. It still comes with a bright orange base with the motor placed at the top of it with 3 in 1 mulch, collection, and discharge option. The gas tank can takes up to 0.24 gallon of gas and weighing only 66 pound, making it great for storing or when you have to hand carry it to another area.

Husqvarna 7021P Features
Husqvarna 7021P boast its 160 cc Honda GCV engine with air cooled four stroke OHC model. This engine will provides you with 4 horsepower to power the cutting deck. Thanks to it, the noise and unpleasant smell are also reduced. Another great point in this lawn mower is the Easy Start system that eliminates priming and now you only have to slide the choke lever, grip the safety lever and pull the chord.

To enhance the versatility further, a 3 in 1 grass clipping management is placed in the mower. You may choose to discharge grass to the neat rows in your lawn, catch the grass for disposal or composting, and mulching to dice the grass into finer pieces, so they will quickly biodegrade into the lawn.

Now, let’s compare Husqvarna LC121P with Husqvarna 7021P. First difference is the engine, Husqvarna LC121P comes with 163 cc Briggs and Stratton engine while Husqvarna 7021P comes with 160 cc Honda GCV engine. The second and probably the most prominent difference is the 3 grass clipping management that is not exist in Husqvarna LC121P. However, Husqvarna LC121P did have more height adjustment with 9 different setting while Husqvarna 7021P only have 5 settings.

Husqvarna LC121P vs 7021P

NameHusqvarna LC121PHusqvarna 7021P
Key Features- Motor/engine manufacturer-Briggs & Stratton - 9-position height adjustment allows you to change the cutting height to easily cut grass, weeds and overgrowth - Sealed ball-bearing wheels ensure the mower rolls smoothly, and the 11-inch rear wheels make it easy to push over small to medium-sized flat yards- Capable 160cc Honda GCV engine drives performance - 3-in-1 mulch, collection or side discharge options 21-Inch steel cutting deck - 12" High rear wheels and 8" front wheels boost control and maneuverability - Soft grip handle makes mowing comfortable

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, it is better to suit the machine with you needs. If you need the 3 grass clipping management, you should pick Husqvarna 7021P, but if you need a mower that can be used in a wider height range, Husqvarna LC121P is the one to go.

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