Insinkerator Evolution Compact vs Essential Xtr

Insinkerator is one of the most popular garbage disposal in the market and they have been available since quite some time ago. Among their options, Insinkerator Evolution Compact vs Essential XTR are two great option to go if you are living with more than 4 people in the same house or want to have a stronger powered disposal. If you are also considering these two, go check our article below to see what they can offer and which the better option is.


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Why using Garbage Disposal

– What are Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR
– What Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR Look Like
– What Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR can offer to you
– What are the Feeding Type of Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR
– What are the material of Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR
– How are the Installation of Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR
– Are Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR Noisy
– Insinkerator Evolution Compact vs Essential XTR

Garbage Disposal
Since kitchen is a place where we are going to make food for the whole family, they need to be cleaned routinely to make sure there is no harmful substance growing in your kitchen. The easiest way and what always recommended is to take care of the garbage bin by cleaning or throwing out the content everyday or every other day to make sure there won’t be any unpleasant smell going around your kitchen that can be very unhealthy for anyone who are visiting or using the kitchen.

Beside throwing your garbage and cleaning them routinely, another thing we can opt to reduce the work mainly when taking care of the waste both from preparing food and cleaning up the waste is by using a garbage disposal. This machine is very useful to reduce your work on dealing with any waste from food like leftover rice and chopped vegetables along with their peels right in your dishwasher. In short, with this machine, we don’t have to throw garbage more often anymore.

A garbage disposal is installed below your dishwasher with a connection and they will take anything from your plate then process them and flushed the pulverized waste with water to your plumbing system. Depend on the model you pick or the power each disposal is featured with, generally, the higher the power they have, the more effective they work but of course, they will be more expensive as well. If you want to spend less, it is probably better to pick the one with enough motor power for your need.

Just like what you may already know, garbage disposal is working in a similar way like a grinder since rather than slicing the waste we put inside the chamber, the inside components will ground them with their inside components. Inside the grinding chamber, there are moving plate or turntable, an impeller and a shredding ring placed on the inside wall. With a centrifugal movement, waste will be shredded into small pieces then flushed with water into your plumbing so they won’t clog them.

Since there are so many options out there, choosing the best garbage disposal for our need can be confusing, moreover, if you are not used to it yet or if it is your first experience shopping for one. If you want to save more time or choosing quickly, it is good to start with the popular item from well-known brand first since they are the most likely to also offer good quality items out there.

About Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR
Among those popular item, we are sure most of you are already familiar with Insinkerator since they are currently many people’s favorite when it comes to garbage disposal. They also have a huge collection with their own features to make sure each users can get the most suitable machine for their need such as based on how many people you have in the house or how much power you need to ease your tasks and do things quickly.

If you are living with a family or having more than 4 people in your house whether they are your family or housemates, the options you may want to consider are Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR. This is because both of them are featured with the enough amount of power for the amount of people and suitable for anyone who are looking for a machine with higher power so we can reduce the risk of the machine getting stuck.

Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR Design
From the outside, both of Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR are very similar to each other and as you can see from the sample picture above, they are also having the same shape or form as well as color option which is black enamel grey. The unit itself is measured about 12-¼ inches in height while the overall water consumption each person per day is claimed around 1 gallon. The main compartment seem to be made from steel while the inside parts are stainless steel.

Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR Features
Moving to their features side, the most important part when looking for a garbage disposal is their power because this part will play an important role in how good the machine will process the waste you are putting on their grinding chamber. In this part, both of Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR are the same with ¾ horsepower which should be enough for a family from small to medium size since they can handle more load and working more powerfully compared to those with lower motor rating.

A ¾ horsepower is common in garbage disposal that marketed for people with more load in their house and if you are feeling like cooking often for your whole family in the house and have more than 4 member, this rating is good to go.

What special from these two garbage disposals is their grinding technology which is applied to optimize the grinding movement, thus the waste can be pulverized better into smaller parts. This feature is called as Multigrind technology and just like the name, they used 2 stages of grinding as opposed to only one in many other machines out there, even those with the same price. Comparing them with those machines, the result will surely be better to make sure your plumbing will be safer.

The next thing we love from these garbage disposal is the capacity because while they look big on the picture, both of these models are fairly compact with a huge grinding chamber that can take waste up to 34.6 oz. Of course we are not dumping all of them at once since most time we put them gradually as we wash cooking ware or cleaning the unused cooking ingredients. Insinkerator also claim that each day the disposal will need around one gallon of water per person.

Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR Feeding Type
On the feeding type, we are sure most people can already guess the feeding type of Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR because just like many other disposal for home use out there, both of them are continuous type which mean we can insert more waste into the grinding chamber along with grinding process so we can work faster compared to batch feed that won’t allow users to insert and grind at the same time. However, in term of safety, the other is said to be better.

Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR Material
Another thing that we must consider when looking for a garbage disposal is their material because as you may already know, a good material will make the unit last longer and it means we can push the date to purchase a new machine further. As for the case, these disposals seem to use standard steel but for the grinding components inside, they are already using stainless steel that resist more to corrosion so we can use them for longer period of time depend on how good you treat them.

This is because even a stainless steel won’t stay as long if you are not treating the disposal well since forbidden material such as spoon, fork, knife and similar things may harm the component inside, so make sure to put the cover when washing those items. Read also: Waste King L 8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Compact here.

Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR Installation and Warranty
For those who are planning to install their disposal on their own, an easy installation system is necessary and thankfully, both of Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR are installed with Quicklock Sink Mount to ease your job. All the components are already included inside but the Essential XTR is coming with more accessories; power cord and SinkTop switch with satin nickel button for more convenience which is not included in Evolution Compact.

Insinkerator Evolution Compact and Essential XTR Noise
The last thing we would like to mention is their noise because many other garbage disposal out there generate loud noise when operating and thankfully, with the SoundSeal technology from Insinkerator, we can hold a regular conversation even when the disposal is working since they are quieter than many other without the insulation. As for warranty, Evolution Compact comes with 4-year warranty while Essential XTR is with 6-year warranty.

Now, let’s compare Insinkerator Evolution Compact with Essential XTR. As you may already know, the difference between these two models are on their accessories and warranty because XTR is coming with more set on their package along with longer warranty compared to the standard package of Evolution Compact and shorter warranty.

Insinkerator Evolution Compact vs Essential Xtr

- Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
- SoundSeal Technology which delivers quieter performance versus a standard disposer
- MultiGrind Technology:GrindShear Ring
- 34.6 oz. Stainless steel grind chamber and grind components for longevity
- 3/4 Horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor; power cord not included
- Includes sink top switch accessory with Satin Nickel button and power cord for easy disposer activation
- Sound seal technology which delivers quieter disposer operation versus a standard disposer
- Multigrind technology, with two-stages of grind food waste is finely ground reducing the chance of clogs and jams
- Horsepower dura-drive induction motor; 34.6 oz. Stainless Steel grind components for durability
- We come to you 6-year in-home limited warranty; proudly made in America

All in all, both of them are a good option for people with medium sized family. Since both of them are generally the same unit, choosing either of them should deliver the same result and performance. However, if you want the one with longer warranty, we will highly recommend you the Essential XTR, moreover, it also already packed with the cord set inside for more convenience.

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