Insinkerator Evolution Supreme vs Excel

Garbage disposal is a common machine we installed in our kitchen sink which is used to deal with the food waste and similar things. Insinkerator as one of the most popular brand have many dependable products in their catalogue such as Insinkerator Evolution Supreme vs Excel. Both of them are coming with the same capabilities yet have different name which made some people confused about which to choose. If you also interested in them, go check our article below to see which unit suit your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a Garbage Disposal
  • What are Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel
  • What Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel Look Like
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  • What Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel are made of
  • Are Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel Noisy
  • Are Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel Easy to Install
  • Insinkerator Evolution Supreme vs Excel

Garbage Disposal
As long as we live, garbage is an inevitable things that human produce and we are spending a lot of efforts to reuse them so they won’t contaminate the nature. It is, if we are talking about non-organic garbage but, an organic waste such as food can be easily dealt by making it into a fertilizer. If you don’t have much time or land to reuse your food waste, then throwing them out is the only option. Garbage disposal is one of the best thing to help you deal with the waste.

Food waste is fairly easy to deal with and if you don’t want to use the disposal, you can just throw them out in your garbage can. But, if you throw them out in a garbage can, then you have to clean them almost every day because they will cause unpleasant smell in our kitchen.

This is also one of the problem when throwing them out in a garbage can, compare to using garbage disposal it will require much effort so if you want to spend less energy dealing with the food waste, a garbage disposer is a good option.

Just like what you may already know, a garbage disposal will grind your waste into far smaller pieces and then flush them with water into your pipe, so it won’t clogged them. Of course when you don’t use any garbage disposal, you are not supposed to throw any solids into the sink since it will clogged them but with garbage disposal, so you can rest assure. The capability of a garbage disposal may vary from brand and model, so not all of them can provide the same capabilities.

Because a garbage disposal is used to grind your food waste and any other garbage from preparing food such as vegetable peels and any unused part of the ingredients, many people are thinking that they will work in a similar way with a blender. But, in fact it is not because there is no blade here yet, there are impeller or lugs mounted in a spinning wheel and to shred or grind the waste, they will use a centrifugal force to continuously force those food waste into the stationary grinding ring in its side.

About Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel
When talking about a garbage disposer, there are so many options out there but not all of them are good or dependable enough to let you have hassle free operation and last for a very long time. Among those good brands, Insinkerator is a good option to go because this brand already have a name for themselves by always offering a garbage disposal with useful features and strong power so you can rest assure that your waste are going down the drain smoothly. (See also : Insinkerator Evolution Excel vs Prestige)

This brand is even founded by John W. Hammes who is the one that credited for the “in-sink” food waste disposal back then in 1927 which is why in the market, you don’t have to worry about how good their disposals are.

Insinkerator have several products line that separate one disposal to the other but they have so many similar units with different name and it is mostly done to set apart those sold in a certain stores and for general market.

Similar like their Insinkerator Badger 5 vs 500, they also have other similar products like Evolution Supreme vs Excel. Both of them are very similar to each other and are coming with the same power as well as capacity which is why some users are confused about which to choose. This is because they are the same unit branded with different name and if you wonder why they are name differently, it is probably only for marketing purpose because the Evolution Supreme is offered in Home Depot.

Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel Design
As you can see from the picture, both of Evolution Supreme vs Excel are very similar to each other because they have the same form factor and size with the same design. The Supreme or Supreme SS is made with stainless steel just like the name but it have a maroon glazed finish while the Excel model have the original finish yet still made from stainless steel. Both of them are quite on the big side by having a capacity at 40 oz.

Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel Feature
When looking for a garbage disposal, the one thing you may want to know first is probably the power because this is what will decide whether the disposal you are eyeing will be strong enough to help you deal with the waste in your kitchen. Depend on how many people living in your house, you will need a different garbage disposal if you have lesser or more people, so make sure you are picking the right amount of power for your need.

If you only living alone or with a partner and don’t have a children, a 1/3 to ½ HP garbage disposal will be the ideal choice since the power rate is enough to deal with the amount of waste.

However, if you have a big family more than 5 or 6 people or just need a more powerful disposal then a 1HP can be a good option. This is also why Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel are the ideal choice for those with big family.

Both of them are coming with 1HP power which is big and powerful enough to grind the food waste in your kitchen. Due to the size and capacity, these disposals are not friendly for those who live in smaller house or apartment, but if you have big family chances your kitchen is bigger too, so the big size shouldn’t be an issue. The next worth mentioning feature is the big capacity at 40 oz. making you can put much more waste inside.

The next thing you may want to know when hunting for a garbage disposal is probably the feed type because there are two common types in the market and even though they can do the work just the same, since they are operated in a different way, you may benefit more from one type over the other. The most popular and common feed type is continuous feed which is what Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel are categorized.

This feed type is just like the name, it will work continuously because the disposal is activated with a wall switch that you can activate and deactivate anytime you want.

The best benefit of this feed type is they can work along while you put more garbage into the disposal and it won’t be a problem as long as the machine is activated, so you can work faster and of course more efficiently. The drawback however, you may accidentally grind some non-food material like spoon when not careful.

The next feed type is batch feed and as you can expect, this type of disposal is working by batch which means you have to put an amount of garbage into the disposal and activate the unit then it will process them in one go. This feed type is activated using a plug that you need to put on the disposal mouth, so in term of safety, this model is safer because it won’t activate unless when you close them, eliminating the chance of inserting non-food material while operating.

Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel are not an affordable disposer and not a budget item, so you can expect some more advanced features here such as the multi grind system unlike the more affordable Badger disposals from the brand for example that only use one grinding stage.

Compared to those single stage grinding system, both of these models are able to perform better because when you see the result, the multi grind system combined with 1HP power will produce smaller pieces from the garbage you insert.

As you can expect, the benefit of smaller pieces means we can worry less about clogged pipe because even though we used garbage disposals, some vegetables fibers may still clogged our pipe such as those in celery. Compared with single stage, multi grind stages will cut these fibers into shorter pieces to make sure it can be flushed easily with water and avoid any build up in your pipe. What’s more interesting is Evolution Excel model also featured with jam sensor.

This jam sensor is very useful and will save you a lot of time because just like the name, this sensor is located inside the disposal and will detect if there is a jam happening in your machine, so to break the jam, the machine will increase its motor power thus, we don’t have to unplug the disposal and save a lot of time and energy to deal with it manually. Jam is a common thing and may happen in even high-end disposals which is why Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel are also not immune to jam.

This feature may not available in Supreme model but to help you dealing with the same problem, both of Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel are also featured with reverse grinding system so when stuck they will reverse the spinning movement of the plate and make it work again. Garbage disposal is not something that we should change every couple of years and this is why they will give you 7-year home service to cover the parts and labor, so we don’t have to worry about the longevity of these disposals.

Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel Material
This is also because both of them are made with stainless steel whether for the body and the inside components especially the grinding chamber because as opposed to more affordable materials like galvanized steel, a stainless steel can last longer and more rust resistant even though used in unfriendly environment. The color may be different and it will be related to your taste but we do think that aesthetically they are pleasing, so even though your under sink don’t have a cover, it won’t be a problem.

Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel Sound
Another thing you may want to know about Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel is the sound because we know that garbage disposals are commonly noisy when operated. What’s good about these two high-end disposals is they are using Insinkerator SoundSeal technology which is just like the name, they insulate the disposals so the sound escaping the grinding chamber are far less than those without the technology. The best benefit of fairly quiet disposal is you don’t have to shout when talking or afraid of waking up the people in the house when washing the dishes.

Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel Installation
As for the installation, you may want to do it yourself or ask a professional to install them for you. Both of Insinkerator Evolution Supreme and Excel are not coming with pre-installed cord, so you still have to wire them manually. But, for easy installation, they are using the Quick Lock Sink Mount to help you spend less time and effort when executing the installation. Yet, make sure to read the manual carefully and prepare all the needed tools to make sure you can properly install them.

Now, let’s compare Insinkerator Evolution Supreme with Excel. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them is because the brand added another feature into Evolution Excel which is the Jam Sensor that is not exist in the Supreme model. Another difference is the design because Supreme SS is colored unlike the Excel with original stainless color.

Insinkerator Evolution Supreme vs Excel

NameInsinkerator Evolution SupremeInsinkerator Evolution Excel
Key Features- 1 HP Dura-Drive motor provides quiet operation and long life - MultiGrind technology with three grind stages to quickly grind virtually any food waste - SoundSeal technology delivers Ultra Quiet performance enabling you to hold a conversation with normal voices in the same room- SoundSeal Technology which delivers ultra-quiet performance versus a standard disposer - MultiGrind Technology , with three grind stages to quickly grind virtually any food waste - 40 oz. Stainless steel grind chamber and grind components for longevity

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Both of them are the brand’s high-end garbage disposal and are equally powerful as well as dependable. However, if we are to choose we will recommend you to pick the Evolution Excel because this model have additional feature to make sure you can have less jamming fixing.


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