Insinkerator Pro 750 vs Evolution Essential

Insinkerator has been in the market for quite some time now and they are one of the most dependable brand when it comes to garbage disposer but since they offer a wide range of product, it is understandable if we sometime can get confused about which to choose. Two of their most popular items are Insinkerator Pro 750 vs Evolution Essential because of the power these two can offer to you. If want to know which item suit you the most, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Insinkerator Pro 750 and Evolution Essential
– What Insinkerator Pro 750 and Evolution Essential Look Like
– What Insinkerator Pro 750 and Evolution Essential can offer to you
– Insinkerator Pro 750 vs Evolution Essential

About Insinkerator Pro 750
Being the synonym of garbage disposal system making Insinkerator is the safest bet in the market when you don’t have much knowledge about disposer. The long history of the brand also proved that they are the leading manufacturer in the market for the product. Most of their middle-end disposer are not cheap and it is understandable after you look into what they put into their product like the Pro 750. For starter, this garbage disposer not only powered with a powerful motor but also made with quality material.

Insinkerator Pro 750 Design
When you look at Insinkerator Pro 750 for the first time, there is nothing special happening on the surface since the unit looks just like any other disposer from the company. It has a black enameled finish and the compact size will make it easier to mount into your kitchen dish washing system. The item only measures at 12.13” in height and 8” in width, so even for the most restricted area, the unit should be able to fit just right in.

Insinkerator Pro 750 Features
When looking for a garbage disposer, what you need to consider is the power since this part will decide how good the machine will help you dealing with the waste from dishes and generally, the higher it is the better it will perform. Insinkerator Pro 750 itself is coming with ¾ Horsepower which is not the highest or the lowest in the market or from the brand itself but it is already enough to deal with most garbage even bones.

This garbage disposer capacity is around 34.6 ounces complemented with their two grind stages that of course better than those that only use one grinding stage. Combined with the aforementioned power and continuous feed design, it basically can deal with anything you throw at it including various meats with bones, vegetable peels and any other kind of food waste. Made in the United States will ensure the overall quality of this item.

Another thing you may want to consider when looking for a garbage disposer is its noise because there are so many items out there, the cheap ones mostly, can generate so much noise when operated and with noise regulation, everything must be under control. Thankfully, most Insinkerator disposers are already featured with their patented Sound Seal Technology to reduce the sound emitted from the unit when operating. Its instrument inside are insulated to keep the sound from being too loud especially when processing hard foods.

However, it will still more noticeable when processing hard foods like ice compared to common operation. To make sure your unit is made to last, the company offer 6 year limited warranty that covers any defects from workmanship and materials.

About Evolution Essential
There are still many other good option from the company and this brand is well-known to make many of its users confuse about their products because aside from the numerous options, many of them are very similar to each other without clear information on what the difference are and if you are looking for the more affordable alternative to Pro 750, you probably want to opt for Evolution Essential instead. This one not only look the same but also has the features you find in the other disposer.

Evolution Essential Design
Just like many other Insinkerator disposer, this one is also coming in a pleasant to look design with the enameled finish in either gray or black. To let you mount it easily in your dish washing system, the unit only measures at 12-1/4” for the height with 8” width, so it can be mounted in your kitchen without consuming too much space. Coming with the unit you will get Quick Lock Sink Mount, Sink Baffle, Jam-buster wrench, and other useful accessories.

Evolution Essential Features
Evolution Essential comes with ¾ Horsepower to help you deal with the amount of waste from your dishes and since this disposer is falling into the middle-end of the company’s product lines, it is also more powerful than their entry-level like for example Badger 5, so if you ever used the unit, you can expect some upgrade here in terms of power. Even though they also include Do’s and Don’ts, you practically can throw any food waste inside including bones. Read also: Insinkerator Badger 5 vs Evolution here.

To allow you operate the disposer conveniently and quietly, this machine is featured with the company Sound Seal technology to reduce the noise compared to a standard disposer, so now you can hold a normal conversation while washing dishes without needing to shout in an attempt for your voice to reach other people. To make it possible, this technology insulate the components around the motor together with anti-vibration sink mount to prevent noise leaking out, in the end the overall noise is significantly reduced.

Another plus point from Evolution Essential is the easy installation promoted by the popular quick lock sink mount; what you need to do is only twist off the old disposer and twist in the new one. To make sure you are getting a quality product, the company will provide you with 6-year limited warranty that covers both parts and labor.

Now, let’s compare Insinkerator Pro 750 with Evolution Essential. As you can see, both of them are coming with the same features and capabilities as well as power and the only thing separate them from each other is the slight difference in the grinding chamber capacity since Pro 750 is listed with smaller capacity at 34.6 oz. while the other is 40 oz.

Insinkerator Pro 750 vs Evolution Essential

NameInsinkerator Pro 750Insinkerator Evolution Essential
Key Features- This space-saving model is a perfect fit for restricted cabinet space - Sound Seal Makes the Evolution Essential at least 40% quieter than standard disposers - Multi Grind Two grind stages let you quickly grind difficult food waste- Includes sink top switch accessory with Satin Nickel button and power cord for easy disposer activation - Sound seal technology which delivers quieter disposer operation versus a standard disposer - Multigrind technology, with two-stages of grind food waste is finely ground reducing the chance of clogs and jams

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All in all, the decision is all your to make. In our opinion, both of them are good option and you can’t get wrong with either of them, so to save some more we will recommend you to pick Evolution Essential with more affordable price.

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