Are you feeling stressed for choosing the right pressure washer that suitable the most for you? Well, that will not happen if you choose the washer from Karcher. This brand has prominent products with an impressive technology built on them. Their product can make your work finish efficiently. 

Comes up to date with the new brand technology from time to time, makes the Karcher become the most favorable brand for a pressure washer. This time we will bring you to the Karcher K4 and K5 series. Let’s take a look over them so that we can decide which one has the best features. 


The Karcher K4 gives full control of your cleaning home issues. It has a versatile for cleaning any dust, dirt, and weeds around your house both inside or outside. There is a lot of features on it to optimize your cleaning job. It is easy to use, easy to assemble, and easy to maneuver. Read also: Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX3500.

The LED display from the Karcher K4 can help you to clean every surface of your house. You can choose the perfect pressure as you want to optimize your job in garden cleaning. For some reason, the garden area can be hard to clean but with this washer, you will get easier to clean them all.

The Patio cleaner from the Karcher K4 integrates perfectly with the Stone & Facade detergent. It has a system that can manage the detergent well use so that you will not waste any detergent during your cleaning job. The system call as the Plug ‘n’ Cleans which available on Karcher’s home kit.

The accessories in the Karcher K4 comes with the T 350 Patio cleaner and Patio & Deck detergent. It will help you to clean the large outdoor area with a stone or a decking surface. It will clean the area with an amazing work pretty quick and easy to use with 420 l/h of maximum flow rate.

Product Dimensions18.25 x 22 x 35.5 inches
34.33 x 13.07 x 16.77 inches
Shipping Weight25 pounds
32 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The pressure setting comes from the Karcher K4 made with a simple look and design. You can use the LED display right on the trigger gun. After that, you can easily select the right pressure into whatever you want that suitable the most for your cleaning job. You just need to select effortlessly then this washer will do its job perfectly.

The on/off switch button from the Karcher K4 comes with the easiest way to help you clean different areas at the same time. A Vario lance and dirt blaster lance will allow you to select the right pressure while you clean the different surfaces. You will have less worry while your cleaning is moving from one area into other areas. 

The quick-connect system that comes from Karcher K4 has the best way to use it. It gets started with a minimum effort with a maximum result. The system will instantly connect with the high-pressure hose to the washer machine and the trigger gun. It features on-board storage so that it is very easy to pull and restore. 

The dimension of the Karcher K4 is about 30.5 x 58.4 x 39.7 cm and 11.4 kg of weight. The price also comes with the best rate start from US$311 sell on Amazon. It comes a complete kit such as a 1L bottle of stone and facade cleaner and 2 AAA batteries.


The Karcher K5 has a full control design to optimize your cleaning job for daily use. The best result promised by this washer which perfects for your high pressure cleaning around the house. This design comes with a simple way to combine with the simple lance sprayer. It will help you the most during the cleaning with some various areas. 

The home package from the Karcher K5 comes with a T 350 patio cleaner. It will help you through the cleaning stone areas which have the most difficult place to clean. The sprayer lance will help you to optimize some dirt with the right selected pressure. It can be chosen into whatever you want until you found the right setting to clean.

The LED displays which appear on the Karcher K5 power control make it easier for you during your cleaning time. It will allow you to check the right power you have selected before. It means you will not only get easier to do your cleaning job but also get the best result of cleaning. 

The Karcher K5 comes with a simple set up and operation with the perfect connection on its. The power control gun will connect with the lance sprayer so that you will less worry to use it. If you want to take a break during cleaning, you can simply put the lance in the storage right on the device conveniently.

The dimension of the Karcher K5 comes in a lighter weight with a 26.02 x 12.87 x 16.77 inches and 28.22 lbs. The price starts from US$215 sell on Amazon. With this rate makes this washer becomes a favorable item in the market.


- Cleaner. Quicker.
- 1900 PSI, 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer
- 25 foot high pressure hose
- Vario Power Spray wand – easily adjust spray right from the wand
- Cleaner. Quicker.
- 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM electric pressure washer
- Integrated hose reel for easy storage – 25ft high pressure hose
- Vario Power Spray wand – easily adjust spray right from the wand

Which One Do You Prefer?

The Karcher  K series has an enormous function with a different type of need to support your cleaning job. After getting the review above, we jump into a conclusion that the Karcher K5 is better than the Karcher K4. The power, functions and quick result has shown by the Karcher K5 usage for cleaning.

The bar pressure from the Karcher K5 has a 145 pressure bar, while the Karcher K4 has only 130. Besides, the water flow comes from the Karcher K5 can reach up to 500 l/h while the Karcher K4 can only reach 420 l/h. The motor watts from the Karcher K5 has 2100 of power watt, while from the Karcher K4 has only 1800 watt.

The pressure hose length from the Karcher K5 can reach up to 8m while the Karcher K4 can only reach up to 6m. This makes the Karcher K5 easier to use with the best patio function that integrates on its. That is why the Karcher K5 will give you a different experience with its different extra power to use. 

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