Makita GA5010 Vs GA5020

Grinders like Makita GA5010 Vs GA5020 are versatile tools that can work on almost anything in the workshop, from cutting to shaping. These angled grinders are very similar and equally powerful with plenty of use. However, they are not identical and if you wonder which model to go for, let’s see what they can offer here and what separates the two.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Grinder to Buy
  • What are Makita GA5010 and GA5020
  • How are the Units of Makita GA5010 and GA5020
  • How is the Size of Makita GA5010 and GA5020
  • How is the Speed of Makita GA5010 and GA5020
  • How is the Handling of Makita GA5010 and GA5020
  • What else Makita GA5010 and GA5020 can offer
  • How is the Performance of Makita GA5010 and GA5020
  • Makita GA5010 Vs GA5020

Buying a Grinder

A cutting and shaping tool is crucial in your workshop. Whether working with wood, metal, or stone, the angle grinder will make life much easier. It is often called an essential tool depending on what you are working on. You can choose from different grinder types, such as angle grinders and straight and die grinders. The three variants are versatile but for different tasks and users. The best tool is the one that matches your job, but an angle grinder is usually the most versatile.

Angle grinders or 90-degree angle grinders are those with an angled gear head. The tool has a disc attached to the gear head and makes this angle when someone is holding them. Straight grinders have a wheel at a 90-degree angle, making it easy for you to grind an inner or outer side of a piece. This type of grinder is valuable for tasks that are impossible to finish using an angle grinder. Die grinders are similar to straight grinder, but it works like a drill instead of a grinder.

Angle grinders are the most versatile, but they are not for everyone, depending on your work. An angle grinder is useful for sanding applications because it uses an abrasive disc. The primary purpose is to grind lumps and sharp corners and smooth surfaces. Sanding is also a common purpose of angle grinders, such as removing old paint and the dirty surface of old furniture. You can also use an angle grinder for cutting. Most companies provide plenty of attachments for different types of material.

 Makita GA5010Makita GA5020
Product Dimensions14 x 4 x 4 inches 14 x 1 x 1 inches
Shipping Weight5 pounds 4.8 pounds
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About Makita GA5010 and GA5020

You can choose from plenty of brands depending on the purpose and budget. An angle grinder is a common tool, so your favorite brand also has some in the collection. We recommend getting one from well-known names because they have better product quality. One of the best construction tools manufacturers is Makita, and we are sure most people are already familiar with this brand. They are famous for offering a wide range of reliable tools at competitive price points.

We like Makita thickness planners like the 2012NB, which is around the budget and suitable for many builders. This company also has plenty of reliable angle grinders, such as Makita GA5010 and GA5020, ideal for cutting and grinding. These angle grinders are close siblings hence the many similarities. These grinders are mostly the same, so you can choose one and still enjoy the same benefits. They come with the same accessories and have the same motor power to cater to various tasks.

The Makita GA5010 and GA5020 are ergonomic and easy to hold. The motor is powerful and light, so you can get the job done in no time. These angle grinders are corded models, making them very reliable for long-lasting applications and powerful motors. However, they are not identical because the GA5020 is a higher model, and this grinder comes with a missing feature from the GA5010. This feature is called SJS technology, a proprietary system for longevity.

This feature does not affect your angle grinder’s performance or reliability, so the decision is highly subjective. The price for Makita GA5010 and GA5020 are the same depending on where you buy the grinder. The added feature in GA5020 does not improve or increase the performance, so you may not see it instantly, but it may help promote a long-lasting tool. Read also: WEN 3410 Vs Shop Fox W1830.

Makita GA5010 and GA5020 Unit

Like most grinders, the Makita GA5010 and GA5020 use the generic shape. A long thick handle with a gear head to hold the disc. These variants are corded models, and the cable is thick for durability. The overall weight of these grinders is identical, or approximately 5.8 pounds. The housing is rugged plastic-like material with some rubber on the handle and buttons. The unit looks durable, and we don’t find any flimsy parts that can be concerning.

Overall the design of Makita GA5010 and GA5020 are identical, but the GA5020 looks a bit bulkier. Worry not since the weight is very similar. The control layout is also similar. You will find a lock button and switch trigger below the handle. The grip has a rubber-like coating and texture to improve its stability. These angle grinders come with the wheel, wheel guard, lock nut, lock nut wrench, inner flange, and side handle.

Makita GA5010 and GA5020 Size

When buying a grinder, you need to consider various things such as the size of the dis. These Makita GA5010 and GA5020 grinders come with the same 5-inch wheel diameter. This is a basic spec or the grinder size, so the more significant the disc, the more powerful the motor should be. Because not everyone will be working on the same projects, it is wise to consider what you will want to use the grinder for. It is also necessary to choose the disc depending on the precision of your job.

If your job requires precise performance, a pneumatic grinder will be ideal. Typically a grinder disc can be as small as 4.5 inches, and some can be as huge as 9 inches. Your favorite brand may have all the range you need, but a 5-inch type is versatile for varying applications.

Makita GA5010 and GA5020 Speed

Like most power tools, the power and speed of your angle grinder are also crucial. These Makita GA5010 and GA5020 angle grinders use the same motor to spin the disc up to 11,000 RPM through the 10.5 AMP motor. The rated speed is a level when the grinder is not working on something, so it will be slower once the disc meets a surface due to resistance. Angle grinders can have different ratings depending on the motor, and some companies can state the load speed for better accuracy.

In general, the faster the grinder work, the more effective or reliable the tool will be. If you are working on tough materials like steel, a fast motor is ideal for cutting or smoothing the edges. However, the practical speed may vary across models and applications.

Makita GA5010 and GA5020 Handle

An angle grinder like Makita GA5010 and GA5020 is a manual tool. We need to hold and maneuver the grinder to achieve a result. Handling may not appear in your top consideration, but promoting the best user experience is crucial. Handling is also related to safety because we need to hold the power tool properly to prevent possible injuries. These angle grinders have two handles, which are ideal for promoting stability and improving safety. They also come with a disc guard to prevent debris or sparks from hitting your body.

Makita GA5010 and GA5020 Feature

Next is the feature in Makita GA5010 and GA5020, which separates the two. These grinders’ overall specs and ability are very similar, but the SJS feature makes GA5020 more durable. This technology is a mechanical clutch system to prevent motor and gear damage in grinders when the wheel stop abruptly. These angle grinders use the exact mechanism. The drive shaft from the armature to the drive gear is spring-loaded in a normal grinding load.

When the binding occurs, or the wheel stops suddenly, the spring compressed will allow the drive shaft to slip. This gear tension is reduced, and the armature will continue to rotate. This system will help prevent motor burn-out. This SJS mechanical clutch system so the grinder doesn’t require a re-start when the wheel binds.

Makita GA5010 and GA5020 Performance 

Performance-wise the Makita GA5010 and GA5020 are very similar. The SJS is not improving the performance but the lasting ability and may be visible after prolonged application. These angle grinders are reliable and suitable for plenty of tasks. You can smooth a surface and cut steel with these grinders. They are not the most powerful grinders for thick and stubborn materials, but they are versatile for most tasks. They are straightforward to use and comfortable to hold. You can use the grinder with one hand or use the side handle.

Makita GA5010 Vs GA5020

Both Makita GA5010 and GA5020 are easy to use and reliable. They have the same specs and motor with the same lightweight and comfortable handle. They are suitable for many applications, whether you want to grind or cut. The main difference between these angle grinders is the SJS feature in GA5020 that can help the grinder to last longer. This technology prevents damage over repetitive use, so we can keep the grinder for many years.

- Powerful 10.5 AMP motor delivers more output for increased performance
- Refined design at only 5.8 lbs. for reduced operator fatigue
- AC/DC switch for use with alternative power source
- Labyrinth construction seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris for longer tool life
- Powerful 10.5 AMP motor delivers 11,000 RPM to handle the most demanding applications
- SJS technology is a mechanical clutch system that helps prevent motor and gear damage by allowing the drive shaft to slip if the wheel is forced to stop
- Electric brake for maximum productivity
- Rubberized soft grip handle provides increased operator comfort


The Makita GA5010 and GA5020 cost the same and have the same capabilities. Because the GA5020 has more features, we recommend getting this model. The SJS feature may not directly affect the performance but can help the grinder stay reliable for longer.

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