Predator 3500 Vs Powerhorse 3500

Electricity is a source of energy that cannot be separated from human life. This can be seen in people’s daily lives who always need electricity to carry out their daily activities. Just imagine if there is no electricity around you, then what will happen? The world could not be what it is today without electricity, right?

Indeed you can replace electrical energy with other alternative energy, with solar cells for example. However, electricity is still an option because it is considered cheaper and more effective, and can be used at any time. Even though if you switch to using alternative energy, you can save the earth. If you use electricity too much, of course, your monthly bill will increase.

Now, there is a device that can generate electricity without having to rely on coal. Just so you know, the existing channels in a country mostly use coal as fuel. You must be able to save coal energy by using electricity more efficiently. Apart from using a source of electricity provided by the government, you can also use other devices to generate electrical energy.

There is a device called a generator or garden that you can use to generate electrical energy. The generator is a combination of generator and engine tools. The generator part functions as a power generating device, while the engine carries out the task as a rotating device. Well, you can get this generator by buying products sold by generator producing manufacturers. Examples of generator manufacturers are Predator and Powerhorse.

Predator and Powerhorse are brands that have a wide range of quality generator products. Among the many generator products offered are the Predator 3500 a Powerhorse 3500. Issued in the same series, these two products have a performance that doesn’t disappoint. You can choose one of these products if you want to buy a generator. So, you can choose the best product, you can pay attention to the following reviews.

Predator 3500

The 3500 series released by the Predator brand can be a generator of choice that you can use whenever you need it. The product that is offered at an affordable price is considered very suitable for what you will get in a generator. The Predator 3500 arguably has a performance that never disappoints because it has a 212cc air-cooled OHV gas engine.

 Predator 3500 Powerhorse 3500
Product Dimensions22.75 x 17.3 x 20 inches
24.3 x 21 x 19.5 inches
Shipping Weight99.2 pounds107.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The amount of power needed to run this generator while running is around 3000W. While the power at the beginning of use is 3500W as the name implies. This product requires a light push to start the motor of the equipment it carries. So you can start this machine easily without worrying about difficulties.

Also, at a load capacity of 25%, this generator can work to supply electricity for up to 11 hours. Long time, right? You can do anything that takes you 11 long hours. The fuel needed is the gasoline which will burn about 0.24 gallons per hour.

This type of generator is a fuel-efficient and less noisy product. Even though this product makes a sound, you will not be disturbed by what is usually issued by generators in general. What’s more, this product also offers a low THD of <5% so it will power sensitive electronic devices more safely. This can be an option for those of you who are afraid of quite fussy electronic devices.

With a double handle, this product will be easy for you to hold when you first turn it on. This product is also equipped with a digital LCD screen with low oil, overload and output light indicators to make it easier for you to use it. The integrated smooth-rolling casters for portability feature will make you love this product even more. For security problems, you don’t need to worry because this product has an electronic overload protection feature. Read also: Predator 3500 vs Champion 3400.

Powerhorse 3500

This generator product has a high level of customer satisfaction at an affordable price. The Powerhorse 3500 generator comes with a versatile portable inverter generator that is ideal for home, tailgating, RVs and more for all your needs. Products that also require 3000W of power to run and 3500W when initially turned on is equipped with an integrated wheel kit providing easy manoeuvrability.

This generator will not disturb your ears even though it makes a sound like a generator in general. So, you can avoid the disturbance of the loud sound. Besides, it offers a THD of <2%, making it perfect for powering your sensitive electronic devices more safely. Whatever your electronic device, the Powerhorse 3500 will do well.

This product also features premium 100% copper-wound heads allow operation at full load continuously without overheating, making it more comfortable to use. The dual embedded handle makes it easy for you to use. The same as the Predator 3500, this product also has a lifetime of up to 11 hours with a capacity of 25%. This time is quite a long time for a generator.

Even more interesting, this product has a low emission level. Engine Smart Control features and variable engine speed use only the required engine power which allows helping to reduce fuel consumption. Even CARB and EPA compliance ratings ensure this product meets air-quality standards so that it is allowed for safe use in parks and forests.

For safety concerns, this product is equipped with an overload protection feature. When using this product, you will find a low oil alert warning when the oil level falls to an unsafe level. So you can avoid bad things that might be caused by generators. This comfortable and environmentally friendly product has been chosen because of its quality that can still work well for a long time.

Predator 3500 Vs Powerhorse 3500

- 212cc air-cooled OHV gas engine, hassle free electric start for quick and easy starting
- 11 hour run-time at 25% capacity
- Digital LCD screen with low oil, overload and output light indicators
- Integrated smooth-rolling casters for portability, electronic overload protection
- Electric start convenience (battery included)
- Overload protection
- Parallel-ready design (cables sold separately) allows connecting two Powerhorse units (2000 Watt or 3500 Watt) for up to twice the power
- U.S. Forest Service qualified spark arrestor


From the explanation of the two generators above, the best between the two is the Powerhorse 3500. The reason that this product is better than the Predator 3500 is that the Powerhorse 3500 is more environmentally friendly and has better quality features. Apart from that, customer reviews say the same thing.

They gave a higher rating for the Powerhorese 3500 based on how they felt. The Powerhorse 3500 is rated quieter and doesn’t need anything else to work optimally. This product can still generate electricity stably even though it has been used for a long time.

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