Waste King L 8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Compact

We always strive for an easier live and want to make things as simple and less tiring as possible. One of the best way to reduce your work in the kitchen is by using garbage disposal in the sink, so we don’t need to take out the trash frequently. Two popular disposal brands offer Waste King L 8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Compact with many similar capabilities yet also different in few sides. Go check our article below to see which the best option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a new Garbage Disposal
– What are Waste King L 8000 and Insinkerator Evolution Compact
– What Waste King L 8000 and Insinkerator Evolution Compact Look Like
– What Waste King L 8000 and Insinkerator Evolution Compact can offer to you
– Waste King L 8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Compact

Garbage Disposal
Many people said that kitchen is the core of our house and we also think the same because here is where we made foods or beverages for the whole family to enjoy and who doesn’t love food. However, preparing food will also lead to more garbage and waste, both biodegradable or organic waste and those not biodegradable by nature. Inorganic waste can be reduced by using reusable compartments while organic waste should be thrown in the garbage can or we can use them as compost.

Organic waste will cause unpleasant smell when kept even for a short time which is why we have to throw or clean the garbage in our kitchen as frequent as possible. To reduce the effort and hassle of cleaning them too often, one of the best way is installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. They will take care of the organic garbage you throw at them and flush them to your pipe with water without clogging them.

This is because garbage disposal will shred your garbage in tiny pieces by rotating movement and this why many people are thinking that garbage disposal is working in a similar way like a blender but in fact, they are not the same because there is no moving blade here.

What shredding the waste is a pair of impeller mounted on a spinning wheels while the shredder is fixed on the sides, so when the plate is moving, waste will be forced against shredder and then flushed with water to your pipe.

About Waste King L 8000
There are so many brands in the market offering their own products and one of the most popular among those well-known brands is Waste King. We are sure most of us already familiar with the brand because of their popular products that can last long while also dependable to help us dealing with those garbage from food waste and dishes. Additionally, they also offer many kitchen products like hot water system like faucets and commercial garbage disposal for businesses who need a quality machine.

The brand have a whole set of different garbage disposal but one of the most popular is their L 8000 model which is among their best seller because of the power it can provide and a great material to make sure the unit can last very long in your kitchen without paying too high. Additionally, this model is coming with a lifetime warranty against corrosion so we don’t have to worry about spending more on garbage disposal even after few years later.

Waste King L 8000 Design
From the outside, Waste King L 8000 looks very compact and won’t occupy too much space under your kitchen sink because the unit only measures at 14.25 inches tall and 9 inches wide while also already coming with pre wired cord, so we don’t have to wire them manually. It is weighing at 13.4 pounds, so we can lift them alone. To prolong the life, both of sink drain flange and internal grin material in these disposals are also made from stainless steel.

Waste King L 8000 Features
When talking about garbage disposal, one of the most important thing we have to pay attention to is their power because this is what decide if the unit can provide enough strength to help us pulverized the garbage we put on the sink and what makes Waste King L 8000 special is they are already featured with 1 horsepower that makes the plate spins fast enough up to 28000 rotation per minute which should be enough for medium size family.

1 horsepower is usually sufficient to deal with 5-8 people in the house, so if you are living alone or don’t cook often or live only with a partner, half of the power is actually already enough while bigger families may need an even bigger power as well because the more people in the house the more waste they produce. Additionally, this model is continuous feed which mean we can use them continuously as opposed to the less popular batch feed garbage disposal.

The benefit of using continuous feed is we can use the disposal as the motor spinning to help us deal with the garbage or waste faster as well as we put them along with doing the dishes.

However, this model also have a minus because if we not careful enough when doing the dishes, there might be chances of dropping metal or inorganic waste that may reduce the life of the unit or hindering the grinding process because they can make the impeller stuck.

To avoid this thing while being a continuous feed garbage disposal, Waste King L 8000 is built with splash guard so the opening will be smaller than other units. Some users thought it as too small but we do think it is good to lessen the chance of dropping something that don’t belong on your disposal, preventing from damaging its grinding components or even stuck machine, so let’s all save time by being careful.

Just like many other tools with moving parts, a garbage disposal is also noisy in nature due to the garbage and moving plate inside, moreover, when they are dealing with many wastes. As a user, we want to have the one that won’t cause a lot of noise because it can be annoying for both the user and other people in the house such as waking up the children or disturbing when someone’s talking. To avoid causing too much noise, Waste King L 8000 grinding chamber is insulated.

This mean the amount of noise escaping the machine will be lesser compared to those with no insulation. As it has been mentioned above, we don’t have to worry about the durability of this disposal because the grinding chamber is corrosion free and to make sure we will have a good experience, the company offer lifetime limited in-home warranty which is one of the best in the market, proving that they are confident with their units.

The last is installation because depend on the user, you may want to do the work yourself or ask a professional. To help users install them, Waste King L 8000 already coming with the wiring to save more time while the package is already covering all the accessories you will need such as sink flange, drain elbow and mounting assembly, splash guard, drain stopper, reset button, and power cord.

About Insinkerator Evolution Compact
When looking for something, it is best to also look for the comparison because by having an another option, we can see which one of them will offer the best value for our money or coming with the kind of feature we prefer better. Besides Waste King, another popular garbage disposal in the market now is Insinkerator with their huge collection of dependable products from various range of price and models to suit each one of their user’s need.

Among those collection, the Insinkerator Evolution Compact is the most suitable option if you have around 3 to 6 person in your house because this power rating is design to work better than those half of horse power but won’t be as expensive or powerful 1 horsepower machine. This model is very similar to Evolution XTR but this one is not as quiet or expensive as the higher-end model while all the features as well as capacity are generally the same. Read also: Insinkerator Evolution Supreme vs Excel here.

Insinkerator Evolution Compact Design
Just like the name, the Insinkerator Evolution Compact is very compact and suitable for those with smaller space under the sink without scarifying the power because at around 7 inches wide and 12.12 inches height, we can already have a dependably, useful garbage disposal. The unit is finished with black enamel gray to make it look stylish but when you try lifting it, the unit is actually quite heavy around 19 pounds. Since the wiring is not done yet, we have to do it while installing.

Insinkerator Evolution Compact Feature
Just like what we know from the previous garbage disposal by Waste King, it is important to check what Insinkerator Evolution Compact can offer to you and as it has been mentioned above, this unit is suitable for people who live with family from 3 to 6 people because the motor is rated at ¾ horsepower, making it less powerful than L 8000 but also more powerful than the brand’s entry models which usually coming only with half horsepower.

Depend on the manufacturer, they may have different recommendation for how much power required in one home but we think ¾ horsepower should be enough for medium size family and even if you only have smaller family with two to 3 people inside, the higher power will also reduce the chance jams from happening, but of course, higher power will often mean higher price as well, so make sure to pick the one matching your family and budget because not all of us want to spend more than $200 just for a disposal.

Fewer jams mean fewer annoyance and we want to have a unit that can deal with anything we throw at them. Well, not everything but only for organic waste because no matter how strong their power is, throwing plastic or metal inside is out of question.

To make sure the waste we put inside are going to pulverized or grind as small as possible, Insinkerator Evolution Compact is already coming with Multigrind technology to help tackling all the waste you insert down to a fine pulp.
Just like the name, multigrind means they have two separate grinding chambers to ensure food was grinded into a fine pulp, to reduce the chance of clogging pipe which is very common when the waste is not grinded properly. The model is continuous feed and just like what you have already know, this disposal type will be able to work as it grind the waste inside even while you also insert more and more waste, so we don’t have to stop or pile them up first before start grinding.

Compared to the batch feed that can only work when you put the lid first, it can work faster but will also tend to cause problem in case you insert non-organic waste or cutlery accidentally. To avoid such accident, it is better to wash knife, spoon or fork first before doing the plate and don’t turn the motor yet so when the items fall, they won’t scratch or damage the element inside. After the small items are done, we can start dealing with the plate and other bigger items while turning on or activating the machine.

If you ever used a garbage disposal before or just want to try installing it yourself, all accessories are included in the package and since it have no power cord, the machine is activated using a wall switch and we have to wire them manually, so make sure to read the instruction properly and prepare all the required tools before executing the work.

Now, let’s compare Waste King L 8000 with Insinkerator Evolution Compact. As you may already know, L 8000 is more powerful than Evolution Compact with a quarter more of horsepower so it better suit larger family. Another difference is on its wiring because L 8000 already have the power cord while the other need a manual wire and instead of being plugged in, it is activated via wall switch. Additionally, the Evolution Compact is smaller but heavier compared to L 8000.

Waste King L 8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Compact

NameWaste King L 8000Insinkerator Evolution Compact
BrandWaste KingInsinkerator
Key Features- HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: The 1 HP, 2800 RPM (115v) permanent magnet motor is sound-insulated and jams less - EASY INSTALLATION AND CLEANING: EZ Mount for a quick and easy kitchen sink installation, removable splashguard for easy cleaning- SoundSeal Technology which delivers quieter performance versus a standard disposer - MultiGrind Technology , with two-stage grind to quickly grind virtually any food waste - 34.6 oz. Stainless steel grind chamber and grind components for longevity

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All in all, both of them are a good option for a garbage disposal. However, we prefer Waste King L 8000 better because this model is more affordable, powerful and already come with the power cord, making the installation easier as well.

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