WEN 3410 Vs Shop Fox W1830

Air filtration is crucial in your workshop to help provide clean and fresh air to the people inside. The WEN 3410 Vs Shop Fox W1830 are ideal options to help improve the air quality in your workshop or similar establishment. These air filters are easy to install and effectively capture fine debris that may fly around the room. Let’s see what they can offer here before deciding which filter to buy.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Do You Need an Air Filter for Workshop
  • What are WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830
  • How are the Unit of WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830
  • How to Install the WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830
  • How to Start the WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830
  • How the WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 Work
  • How to Maintain the WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830
  • How is the Performance of WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830
  • WEN 3410 Vs Shop Fox W1830

Air Filter for Workshop

Dust and fine particles are inevitable when you are sanding wood. The residue from hardwood will fly around inside the room and get into our bodies. As scary as it may sound, this is harmful to your health, especially over a long period. But, worry not because technology has brought a lot of tools to our convenience, and one of them is an air filter. As the name suggests, an air filter is a filtration system, much like the pool’s skimmer but more straightforward and compact.

The way air filters work is similar to any other tools that use the “filter” term. Before the machine can work, they have to take or suck as much air as possible. Each air filter has different suction power, depending on the unit; some have single-speed, and some have different speed levels. When the machine sucks plenty of air, the small debris in the air will also get sucked into the machine. Inside the box, there is a filter that traps the debris.

This process is straightforward yet effective at producing cleaner air and improving air quality for a safer working environment. Both the suction and filter matter in an air filter unit work hand in hand. The strong suction means nothing if the filter can’t trap the debris, and the filter will be useless if the motor cannot take plenty of air from the room. You can match the air filter with the workshop size, budget, and features such as remote control, airflow indicator, and adjustable suction level.

 WEN 3410Shop Fox W1830
Product Dimensions17 x 20.5 x 10 inches
17 x 20 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight31 pounds
33.2 pounds
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About WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830

There are many good workshop filters to consider depending on what you need. The compact hanging filter is convenient for most people, and they are effortless to install. Spending more on an air filter is a long-term investment in your health. Moreover, many companies are offering budget filters nowadays. Air quality may not possess immediate danger like goggles and shield on your table saw, but it affects both comfort and our respiratory health in the long term.

If you have a small to medium workshop and need a filter that won’t hinder the space or get in the way of your other tools, the WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 are perfect options to consider. These air filters are budget options and easy to install. They are hanging type, which means we can install the unit on the ceiling, away from your other tools and space. These filters are very similar in cost and abilities. They use the same one-micron filter mesh to trap fine debris from the air.

They are ideal for users with a small room, approximately 400 square feet. The best part of WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 is the price. Many people think that owning an air filtration system will cost them hundreds at the front. These filters cost less than $200 and will run for many years with proper maintenance. Another great thing about these filters is that they come with many features, including speed levels and remote controls. These features increase the value and convenience of these air filters.

However, the WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 are not identical because WEN has a more powerful motor and is cheaper than Shop Fox. The performance is very similar because they use the same filter and good airflow. We recommend the WEN 3410 for users who want to save the budget and get a good air filter for the workshop. Read also: Dolphin Cayman Vs Escape here.

WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 Units

The WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 are very compact and light. They should be less than 35 pounds and are hanging on chains from the ceiling. The filter dimensions are about the same, approximately 17 x 20.5 x 10 inches for both filters. The housing is steel or metal that covers the motor and filter inside. The control panel is at the front, and the exhaust is at the back. Overall these filters share the same product design and mechanism, just with a different color.

The air intake is at the front, and we see the control panel next to it. They also give you a small remote to control the air circulation because most of us will mount it on the ceiling, so directly accessing the buttons will be less convenient. Both filters also have a small handle to help carry the box at the top. The cable is built-in in the unit, and it is approximately 6-7 feet long, so you may have to add a cord or design the installation spot according to nearby wall power.

WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 Installation

Because these filters are lightweight, around 30 lbs. moving the unit from your garage or porch to the workshop shouldn’t be a problem. They come with the chain to install the unit quickly on the ceiling. But, depending on the ceiling’s height, we may need help; a taller ceiling may require a longer chain or something to reduce the height. The manual will guide you through installation and even finding the spot to install the filter. An ideal placement should never face the air intake too close to a wall.

The key to good air circulation will vary depending on the room’s layout. The air intake part will have normal to low air velocity, but the exhaust is higher, so we have to pay attention to the air circulation in the room before and after the filter is installed.

Starting WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 

After the filter is installed, we can start the machine. Use the built-in button or the remote. These remotes use IR to send the command, so we have to aim for the filter with nothing hindering the signal. You can turn the filter on/off using the remote conveniently. The filter will start the motor, take the air from the room, and filter it. The cleaner air will come out of the back where the filter arrangement is. You can adjust the airflow from the remote as well.

WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 Mechanism

Like any filtration system, the WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 work in a similar mechanism. The filter has a small motor inside, powered using electricity that creates suction. The suction panel is at the front of the filter and will continuously take air while putting a filter in the middle to trap the debris. The filter is 1 micron in size and can help capture very fine debris from the air. It needs constant maintenance, depending on the room. The busier the room, the more often we have to clean the filter.

WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 Maintenance 

Maintenance is essential for a filter because the overall performance relies on the filter. The ideal time to check the filter is every 40 hours in light of the moderately dusty environment and every 8 hours if the room is bustling. Unplug the filter from the wall power and remove the outer filter by unlatching the filter retaining clips. Bring a trash bag and put the filter in the bag to prevent the dust from going everywhere. Do the cleaning outdoors even when using compressed air.

Remove the inner filter and shake the dust to clean it. We can wash the filter and use another one if you have an additional filter. Wash the filter with running water and let it dry completely before putting it back in the box. You can also check the filter more often, especially when the air filtration doesn’t work well because the filter may get clogged up from fine debris.

WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 Performance

The performance of WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 is very similar. WEN has a slightly bigger motor at 1/6 HP, while Shop Fox has a 1/8 HP motor. These filters have adjustable speed levels at three different settings. The lowest speed is faster on WEN, but the higher levels are faster on the Shop Fox model. The result is not far different because we think they can help reduce the room’s small particles quite effectively. They are best for small rooms, and you will need a bigger filter for larger spaces.

WEN 3410 Vs Shop Fox W1830

Both WEN 3410 and Shop Fox W1830 are reliable and affordable for small workshops. These filters are effective at trapping small dust and improving your room’s air quality. They have similar performance and suction strength. The filter type is also the same, and they should be able to circulate air in a standard 400 square feet room 6-7.5x per hour to maintain the air quality. WEN has a slightly bigger motor, but the Shop Fox has a slightly higher airflow at the higher settings.

- Includes a 1-micron filter and a 5-micron pre-filter, both of which can be easily replaced
- Air flow – 300/350/400 cubic feet per minute | Cover rooms up to – 400 sq ft. | Noise rating – 50 to 60 dB
- Programmable timer automatically shuts unit off after set number of minutes
- Remote control allows users to set timer, change speed and power the unit on and off from up to 26 feet away
- 1/8 horsepower, 120-Volt, single phase, CSA certified
- Airflow capacity: 260, 362, and 409 CFM
- 3 speeds: 1200, 1400 and 1750 RPM
- Easy-to-replace filters, no tools required


The decision is yours because both filters are reliable. We recommend getting WEN 3410 because this filter is cheaper and similarly effective. It comes with essential features, including three different suction settings and remote controls.


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