WEN 56200i vs Predator 2000

For light use and on the go, you don’t have to buy a huge generator because chances are a compact one like WEN 56200i Vs Predator 2000 will be adequate. These models are very reliable for various types of application as long as it doesn’t exceed their maximum capacities and in comparison, both are very affordable as well. If you wish to replace the RV generator or plan to have one, see below about which model will fit your preference the most.

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  • WEN 56200i Vs Predator 2000

Generator for your Recreational Vehicle

In modern days it is difficult to live without electricity because almost everything now is powered and there are lots of our daily activities rely on devices or electronics from cleaning the house with vacuum, cooking in a crock pot, doing the laundry, creating those presentations, typing your report, watching TV, etc. All of them are impossible without electricity and we are used to their convenience. But, what if we are currently away from home or in a mobile vehicle that we use to travel?

Living sedentary is comfortable, we can spend our whole life building our family and doing the things that we love but, there are times when you want to take a break and feel closer with nature, adventuring to various different places and try a nomadic lifestyle once in a while. Camping is great and chances are you can do it in any friendly, safe season depending on where you live as long as we don’t find such issues like no water and no power.

For those who are camping in campsites, this may not be a problem as we have continuous power supply but for those who are more often doing dry camping, a generator will be very necessary. Depending on your vehicle, sometimes they are built-in the unit but it is not rare as well to find that you have to purchase the generator separately; in short if you are RVing without being connected to water, electricity, sewer or prefere boondocking, your generator will be an important equipment to bring along.

The function of a generator in your adventure is to provide power so then you can still have comfortable time such as using television, microwave, refrigerator, heater, and other electronic amenities available in your vehicle. When the weather is nice, the generator can power your top air conditioner as well as recharging the RV battery bank. Usually, anything that needs 110 volts is available to be powered using a small generator including a furnace. Compared to battery, a generator will provide a more reliable source for electricity.

Of course you can camp without a generator as well, in case you asked. First those who camp only in campsites have constant access to electricity thus, we don’t have a need for a generator. You may also choose a friendlier alternative like solar panel that we can use to collect power, freely sourced from the sun rays. In addition, if you have a big battery installed in the vehicle, we may last for a few days out there without a generator depending on how you conserve the power.

 WEN 56200iPredator 2000
Product Dimensions18 x 11 x 18 inches
22.6 x 12.61 x 18.5 inches
Shipping Weight48 pounds
47 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About WEN 56200i and Predator 2000

If you are here then it means your camping place will have no access for electricity and we often do it to get closer to nature or enjoy a place that is less crowded especially during summer. There are lots of small generators we can choose out there based on what you need but before shopping, it is best to count how many power you need to use all the necessary amenities including their frequency so then we can get the most ideal option.

Personally we prefer to stick with well-known names or generator brands that we are already familiar with because they tend to be more reliable and there are lots of sources if you find any issues later. Among those amazing options especially on the compact model, WEN and Predator are two reliable choices to consider. Both of them are offering good generators for your application and some of them are compact enough to fit in your RV or bring along to your camping spot without much fuss.

Depending on your needs the choice can be different but if you think a 2000 watts generator will be enough for the application, the WEN 56200i and Predator 2000 will be two models you may want to have. One of the reasons why many campers love these generators is because of their price range which is very affordable in our opinion compared to many other 2000 watts models from different brands out there, if you want to keep the budget low.

Many users have been satisfied with these generators both on how they can power various electronics in their RV or camping spot as well as on how easy it is to start up the unit. Personally we are attracted to their noise level as generators can be quite noisy if you want to keep them running all night. WEN 56200i and Predator 2000 however, are not ideal for heavier use and even though they are rated to 2000 watts, it is not possible to run a unit that requires this much power.

WEN 56200i and Predator 2000 Design

For a compact generator that we have to carry around and move often, their form factor and size are very necessary. Thankfully, those that are designed to be transported a lot like these two are designed with portability in mind. As you can see, there is a huge handle at the top which is very thick as well to promote comfort but there is no padding here for prolonged carrying. The tank openings itself are placed near the handle at the top, making them look like a jug in a glance.

The motor and all components inside are covered by this very thick and durable plastic while the dimension itself is about 18-inch wide and 18-inch tall or at the size of your large suitcase. In an empty tank, they are around 50 lbs. heavy but we can still comfortably hand carry it when needed. Overall WEN 56200i and Predator 2000 are pretty much similar from the external point of view, they have the same design, similar form factor and even the same placement for their external functions.

WEN 56200i and Predator 2000 Power

When shopping for a generator, the most important part is to check their power because it is directly related to what we can use the unit for and as you can guess, these two are the same rated at maximum 2000 watts or called surge watts while the rated watts itself is 1600 so make sure to not exceed this capacity. What’s interesting about these models is that they seem to use the same components especially on the engine which sparks assumption that it is just rebranding of the same unit.

WEN 56200i and Predator 2000 are also inverter generators which is safer because it electronically throttles the engine up and down to meet the demand instead of running full tilt at the time. This mechanism results in both fuel efficiency as well as lower emission produced and what’s great, they do sound quieter compared to the traditional engine. This is the same as what more expensive generators like Honda EU2000i Vs EU220i are using.

WEN 56200i and Predator 2000 Performance 

Moving to the performance, these two are very comparable to each other and overall we have no issue with how they work and supply the power; just make sure not to exceed the 1600 watts rating because they won’t work. You can use various electronics with them including a 1500 watt space heater, or a small refrigerator with ice maker, television, a 6000 BTU window AC, and some lamps while charging your phone with no issue but, we do advice to keep it max 1500 watts however.

This is because some users have found that these generators will not pull up the maximum rated power for bigger electronics. As for the noise, they are not very quiet or whispery quiet if you expect them to make no noise but comparing these inverters to a more traditional generator, we do think we can still sleep really well while their engine is running. 

WEN 56200i and Predator 2000 Fuel Consumption

The last point is their tank and as with many other 2000 watts generators, these two are coming with the same one-gallon gasoline tank and while it is not enough for the whole day with moderate use, we still think they can last for quite some time. They can last for almost half a day with light use such as charging phones and electric coolers but for heavier use, expect to refill the tank every 4-6 hours so we recommend to go to bed with a full tank. 

WEN 56200i vs Predator 2000

These inverter generators are great for the budget but we do think they are the same unit and only have different branding since probably the main components are manufactured by the same company before reaching these brands. Performance wise they are equally reliable as long as you keep note to how far they can power an electronic. They are fairly quiet and one tank can go pretty long depending on the usage.

- Dimensions: 18" x 11" x 18" | Weight: 50 lbs
- Noise Level: 53 dB operation
- EPA III and CARB Compliant 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine produces 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts
- Great for campgrounds, construction sites, tailgates and power outages
- Double your power with parallel capability - need more power? add a second predator 2000 unit with optional RV ready predator parallel kit for up to 4, 000 watts of power
- 79.7cc air-cooled OHV gas engine
- 6-1/2 hours run-time at 50% capacity
- (2) 120VAC grounded outlets, (1) dc-12v two Pin outlet


You can choose any of these two as they are an equally good choice but, after considering the price, we do recommend to choose WEN 56200i because this model is more affordable and has the same performance as well as quality to Predator.

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