Worx WG625 Vs WG629

Pressure washers are very convenient since they can help you deal with outdoor cleaning more effectively but, you may want a more compact option such as the Worx WG625 Vs WG629. These small washers are not as powerful as pressure washers yet but very easy to use for added power and convenience. If you are also eyeing to get one of them, do check what they can offer and which of them will be your best choice here before deciding to get one.

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  • Worx WG625 Vs WG629

Pressure Washer

We spend so many time maintaining the house or space we are living in because no one want to live in a dirty and uncared houses since it is just uncomfortable and if possible, we want it to be clean everyday as we bring dust and debris from the outside and while seemingly sealed, our house also have vents to circulate air which can bring small particles from the outside and build up in your interior. Usually a vacuum cleaner, mop, and dusting cloth will be enough for indoor cleaning but, what about your exterior?

A newly painted fence and walls look fresh and clean but wait until a few weeks or months, and we can start seeing dirt building up, not only on our house outer walls but also other areas around the house and it makes the area look uncared for. As opposed to indoor cleaning, we may only perform exterior maintenance a few times a year but, there are plenty to deal with and you will spend much energy removing the stain, grimes, etc.

 Worx WG625 Worx WG629
Product Dimensions5.2 x 20.28 x 9.65 inches15 x 4 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight3.7 pounds3.7 pounds
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Sometimes we can work with just a garden hose and soap with scrubbing brush but, when the area that needs cleaning is quite wide, we are sure none of us will want to spend hours doing the chores. This is when a pressure washer will save your day because with one we can save so much time and so much effort. A pressure washer is similar to power washer but the latter may incorporate heat as well in order to optimize the cleaning result.

As the name suggests, pressure washers are acting like regular garden hose but with added pressure so essentially they are actually a pump to increase the water pressure from your garden hose and the added power will help us in removing stubborn dirt or even old paint in various surfaces without having to brush or scrub them off. They can work using electricity or gas depending on the type you have but, each of them will be quite different.

The electric pressure washers are what we usually have for regular house cleaning and this is also the most affordable if you want to spend less. They are capable for light to medium tasks but since they need continuous power supply, the length of the cable may limit where you can bring the washer to, unless you have a generator to work with. On the other hand gas washers may be more expensive but they produce higher pressure and are easier to transport as well.

About Worx WG625 and WG629

If you are here then we assume that a pressure washer is a great choice to improve your routine cleaning but, they may be too big or too overkill for the type of job you will be dealing with. For this type of user, there is actually an option in between relying on a garden hose and the pressure washer and this is by using a portable power cleaner. They are very small in general and just like a water gun so we don’t need to carry a heavy unit around.

This is a great choice if you need an added pressure but don’t plan to use a very high stream like what pressure washers are offering. For the options however, there are plenty of them out there based on what do you want to get from the unit but, we do recommend to shop from well-known names just because they tend to be more reliable and one of the best brands to shop from for the washer is Worx which we are sure many are already familiar with as well.

This brand has various models in the catalog and while it is good to let you choose freely based on which seems to fit you the most, it also can get quite confusing especially if this is your first time buying from the brand. Among those good options, Worx WG625 and WG629 are going to be the nice choices to consider for routine cleaning and for those who want to get a compact solution to deal with light stains or medium sized jobs around their house.

Not only good for washing a large object like your boat or cars and even motorbike, Worx WG625 and WG629 are also ideal for some surface cleaning such as fence and even your outer wall or patio chairs. What you may not want to rely on them is for concrete cleaning as they are not as powerful and probably will take so much time if not accompanied with scrubbing. Yet, for portable application, these options are well made and very reliable.

Worx WG625 and WG629 Design

What’s so confusing about the Worx WG series is that they are pretty similar to each other and there are several of them in the line with no distinctive differences that can instantly tell you which of them is the newer or what exactly put them apart. As the name suggests the WG625 is the little brother and they are similar to the WG629 that is equally 20V but is newer. They are looking like the gun hose we usually found in common pressure washers like Stanley SHP2150 Vs Sun Joe SPX3000.

In comparison the water gun is quite heavy however compared to those in pressure washers as it has to house the component and battery included. Both models will come with some accessories including the nozzle options but do check the variant first since some may also include more such as the WG625 here will also put the input or draw water hose in the box while with WG629 you have to buy it separately.

Worx WG625 and WG629 Pressure Rate

Similar to your pressure washers, Worx WG625 and WG629 will need a water source to improve the pressure and with a garden hose, both of them are capable of delivering the same water pressure of maximum 320 PSI instead of what common pressure washers that can easily exceed 2000 PSI. However with low water pressure we can sustain the source longer as well since none of them are spending too much water per minute, only at about 0.5 gallons per minute when operating at maximum capacity.

Being a compact washer you will also need to consider where the water is taken from and for these models, the maximum suction height is listed at 5 feet yet for the best performance we suggest to make it as low as possible. In addition, the pressure source such as from garden hose need to be less than 73 PSI so it won’t damage the washer.

Worx WG625 and WG629 Features

The next part we want to talk about is their additional feature and this is what set Worx WG625 and WG629 apart the most in our opinion. If you see closely on the WG629, this washer has a switch on top of the trigger and this switch is meant to adjust the water pressure because this model can set the output to be maximum at 320 PSI or lower at 175 PSI. This can be useful if you will be washing anything more delicate depending on what you want to work on.

Additionally this model has both short and long wand mode that you can attach to the washer. This also decides the pressure rating of the unit because the short mode is only capable of delivering 94 or 72 PSI which is even lower than common garden hose but probably useful if you are not at home.

Worx WG625 and WG629 Performance 

The last part we want to talk about is their performance and in this area somehow the WG259 is delivering a slightly stronger pressure power than the WG625. They are very useful however when you are not at home because for regular house application we personally prefer the pressure washer as they are much more reliable for buildup. But, if you only need to maintain the gear we bring in the car clean, both of them are equally useful with adequate pressure to work properly.

Worx WG625 Vs WG629

These compact washers are amazing if you often do outdoor activities where there is lots of dirt that may get stuck on your gear such as a bike or even to maintain the car clean when you are heading home. They are not as powerful compared to pressure washers and in comparison the WG629 is more capable for the additional pressure options as well as slightly higher pressure rate despite written with the same PSI.

- [5x MORE PRESSURE] Than a garden hose with a nozzle, and much more portable. Take the Hydroshot anywhere you need to clean
- [EASIER TO USE] Lighter and more compact than a pressure washer, the Hydroshot packs the perfect power to clean everything from bikes and cars to windows and patio furniture
- [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
- [DRAWS WATER FROM ANYWHERE] Any fresh water source is fuel for the Hydroshot. Drop the 20’ hose in a lake, pool, or bucket. You can hook up to a garden hose at the house or even a 2L bottle on the go
- [PORTABLE POWER WASHER] The first truly portable power cleaner that lets you easily and quickly clean all your outdoor spaces and gear
- [5X MORE PRESSURE THAN A HOSE] Delivers 320 psi of mean, green, cleaning streams; While minimizing water usage at only .53 gallons per minute
- [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
- [DRAW WATER FROM ANYWHERE] Attaches to a typical garden hose or draws water from any fresh water source like a pool, lake, or bucket


All in all there is no bad option between the two so you can choose freely but personally, if you will not use the adjustable pressure rate then we recommend to get the WG625 as this model is much more affordable than its brother.


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