Yamaha EF2000isV2 vs EF2000is

Yamaha is one of the most trusted and leading organizations in delivering quality items with consumer loyalty guarantee. In the event that you are searching for a solid, versatile, and compact source of power, at that point, you can put all resources into some Yamaha compact inverter generators such as Yamaha EF2000isV2 and Yamaha EF2000is. 

However, apparently Yamaha has stopped the EF2000iS model and the EF2000isV2 supplanted it. So, what is the greatest contrast between Yamaha EF2000iS and the newer Yamaha EF2000isV2, with the exception of the expansion of the “V2” toward the end of the name and the somewhat more significant expense tag?

Another controller with cutting-edge programming has been added to Yamaha EF2000isV2 inverter generator. The EF2000isV2 gives improved power yield when it runs between its appraised power and surge power (somewhere in the range of 1,600 and 2,000 watts) in examination with the older EF2000is.

Except for the new controller, Yamaha EF2000is and the EF2000isV2 are fundamentally indistinguishable in appearance, parts, operation, execution, and support. And since you are here, you must have done a thorough look into the best convenient inverter generator and now you should know which one you should take — Yamaha EF2000is or Yamaha EF2000isV2 — and what are the significant contrasts between both.

In the event that this is your question, then feel free to find the answer down below.

About the Generator 

  • Yamaha EF2000isV2:

Yamaha EF2000isV2 is the newest adaptation of their EF2000is model. From the outset, these generators appear to be identical, however, this is on the grounds that the main contrast between these inverter generators is the more powerful yield of the newest model. 

This Yamaha model has an irregular appearance for a generator. The adjusted edges and slimmer structure helps you to remember an old fashioned radio, however, for this case, it conveys electrical flow rather than sound waves. Read also: WEN 56200i vs 56203i.

It is a famous inverter generator with numerous positive customer reviews and high appraisals by specialists. Its triumphant highlights are how calm it is, how lightweight it is, and its useful control panel.

 Yamaha EF2000isV2Yamaha EF2000is
Product Dimensions19.3 x 11 x 17.9 inches
21.9 x 11.8 x 18.5 inches
Shipping Weight44.1 pounds
55.2 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
  • Yamaha EF2000is:

Yamaha are a brand that is notable for their phenomenally strong items, and for being at the cutting-edge of the entirety of the fields for which they make items. Like some other versatile generator, Yamaha EF2000is can give capacity to the client anywhere, and at whatever point they might want it. 

A decent convenient generator is a fundamental device should you require power in a hurry. An excellent compact generator is additionally an awesome alternative to have as a reinforcement source of power should your home or living arrangement’s capacity come up short under any circumstances. 

Technical Specifications 

  • Yamaha EF2000isV2:

This inverter generator weighs a little more than 44 lbs making this one of the more lightweight models in the 2,000 watt classification. This is an extremely welcome element since it is equally capable, thus taking two of these with you on your excursion does not nullify the point of purchasing a lightweight compact generator. 

For recreational purposes, an all the more calm machine is consistently welcome since you would prefer not to be disturbing in an open nature setting. The EF2000isV2 is amazingly calm for a convenient generator with an appraised clamor level of just 61 dB and just 51.5 dB at a 25% load.

At a 25%, you additionally get the best run time from this off-grid power source with a normal run time of 10.5 hours. This is a significant long and ideal time for inverter generators of this size, so this is probably the best bet when searching for a generator that you can leave running for the time being. 

  • Yamaha EF2000is:

This is the convenient, compact power source that you may take outdoors or tailgating or to control the common luxuries outside of RV needs. You will get 13.3 amps at the running 1,600 watts and 16.7 amps with it running at its full yield. 

Like all US generators, you are getting 120 V, single phase 60 Hz. The Inverter framework is furnished with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control — which delivers an unadulterated sine wave to run gadgets with built-in microcomputers or microcomputer-controlled electric instruments.

The EF2000iS is uncommonly eco-friendly, ready to run for up to 10.5 hours without refueling when in Economy mode. With its Smart Throttle Load feature, the generator can progressively modify motor speed contingent upon yield, bringing about more noteworthy eco-friendliness. 

The generator likewise includes an elite double curl alternator stator which brings down motor speed and diminishes fuel utilization.

The Differences

Yamaha has suspended the EF2000is model yet you can at present find it in a showcase and furthermore on shopping sites. Presently, there is a more up-to-date form (Yamaha EF2000isV2) that supplanted it. 

Both the models are indistinguishable in appearance, parts, operation, execution, and support yet the EF2000isV2 is further developed and makes a right choice to pick since it accompanies another controller with cutting-edge programming as well as improved power yield when it runs between its evaluated power and surges power (somewhere in the range of 1,600 and 2,000 watts). 

Yamaha EF2000isV2 vs EF2000is

- 1600 watt rated AC output, 2000 watt maximum AC output, 13.3/16.7 amps @ 120V
- Super-quiet muffler with USFS-approved spark arrestor - 51.5 dBA at 1/4 load
- Smart Throttle varies engine speed based on load - improves fuel economy and reduces noise
- Inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control
- Yamaha Quiet Technology - Outfitted with Yamaha sophisticated muffler for quiet operation.
- Standard RV Outlet - No more searching for the right adapter. DC Outlet - Flexibility to charge and use devices.
- Illuminated Multi-Function LED Display - See generator status at a glance both day and night.
- Smart Dial Knob - Simple and easy start-up. Smart Throttle - Automatic load sensing adjusts power to device needs.

Final Verdict 

Yamaha EF2000is, and its substitution the EF2000isV2, is a high quality, costly, generally calm, compact inverter generator. It functions admirably for outdoors, tailgating, drifting, and motorcycling occasions. 

There is no uncertainty that both are the excellent versatile inverter generators and in the event that you will take any of them, it will definitely fulfill your needs. However, taking EF2000isV2 is a smart idea since it has a further developed, improved power yield.

With the staggering ubiquity and high evaluations of this unit, you can have confidence that you will not regret picking this inverter generator. Simply be certain you know your capacity needs. 

On the off chance that the highlights and value combinations match for you, you cannot turn out badly. The way that it stays a smash hit throughout the years shows that shoppers are content with this generator and are not hesitant to tell others.


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